Roulette Game Devlog #1 - Game Mechanics

Dev Log #1, Game Design

Hello, this is a series of dev logs of my game starting off with the game mechanics, this dev log series is to keep me motivated in continuing my project. I started this project after being inspired by the VR Game, Bullet Roulette.

Core Game Mechanics

The game revolves around a Russian Roulette typed game but instead of shooting your self in the head I decided to opt with something a little more, light hearted, and because someone got banned for making a game like that, see post below, I decided to replace the gun with a Hot Potato that you eat that has a 1/6 chance of blowing you up.

Other game mechanics

-There will be a chip system, which you can earn by eating the potato and when you do so you earn a chip which you can spend on cards, which may disadvantage your opponents or pass it onto the player of your choosing, this can open up a lot of possible different play styles for example, a high risk high reward strategies. (These chips will be separate from coins and they are round exclusive and you can’t buy them with Robux.)

-Twists in the game that can sometimes happen during rounds like the spectators being able to control the game e.g control the chances of a potato being able to kill someone. Or the potato becoming super charged and instead of a 1/6 chance of being killed it’s a 1/3 and if you hold it for too long you explode. There might be more twists in the future and they are not supposed to happen every round.


-General Idea of game mechanics

To be completed

The below are not in order.


-Scripting for potato.

-Animation for potato.

-Round starting system.

-GUI scripting.

-Adding in the card system.

-Adding in a shop which you can buy cosmetics.

-Making a thumbnail.

-Scripting for the twists.

-Making a name for the game.

Thanks for reading my post, and have a good day.