Roundify plugin



but I mean… you could just roundify a frame, then dupe it, and make it somewhat transparent,
and put it below the roundified frame


Yes that’s true, but I think the point of this plug-in s providing convenience to tasks that otherwise can be done with studio. Just a thought to enhance the plug-in.


This is a amazing plugin! The only problem I have is the Auto ZIndex not working properly.
Thanks for releasing this!


Using this regularly now. Very awesome :+1: thanks a million mate :star:


Thanks for using it!

What’s the issue you’re encountering with the Auto ZIndex?


If it’s something you’d use, I’ll try to work on it sometime. :slight_smile:


The auto Zindex just doesn’t work at all for me.
Like, it changes the Zindex on the technical side, but visually there’s no difference…
So the text is behind the image label and It gets pretty annoying. It still is an amazing plugin though.


Thanks for letting me know. I believe I know how to fix it but I’ll have to do some testing on it. I’ll hopefully have it fixed later today. :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing some testing…But can’t seem to replicate your issue.

Could you send me what you’re doing to replicate it, and or a video of what you’re doing?


Sure thing, and thanks for attempting to fix it.
Here’s a video/gif of the issue.


Thanks! I was able to replicate it now. Looking in to a fix for it.


Awesome! Thank you so much!


I have been getting the same issue but after some research I found it was to do with roblox changing the default settings for the ZIndexes.

To fix all you have to do is change the ZIndexBehaviour to Global in the ScreenGui.


Honestly, I didn’t even know that existed until just recently.

I’m going to be adding a feature to toggle whether you want the ZIndexBehavior to be Global or Sibling. I’ll hopefully get around to that soon. :slight_smile:


Edit: I’ve added the feature to toggle the ZIndexBehavior. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks!


Nice! Gonna install this right away.


Hey this looks cool. Can’t wait to try it out :smile:


There is actually no need to upload multiple images anymore. There is now a SliceScale property which allows you to scale the slice. In the image below, I have a red frame (where I set the size setting to 24) and I have a white frame (where I set the size setting to 12). The red frame’s Slice properties look like this:
and the white’s look like this:

Here is the results:

You can do this for any size under the maximum, meaning you can have the size range from 1-100 with only uploading 1 image! The formula to calculate the SliceScale is pretty easy:
SliceScale = Size / MaxSize


Okay that is really neat! Thanks for sharing with me, I’ll test it out later, and if it works right… I’ve got an update to make!! :slight_smile:


This happens with a TextLabel, help?