Rovolution Roblox API - Handle Roblox Group changes in game!

Rovolution Roblox API

Support Server: Discord

Have you ever wanted to create a gamepass ranking system? But can’t due to the roblox in game API limits? Well this is the tool you are looking for! Rovolution Roblox API allows you to promote/demote/exile/accept join/deny join/set rank of users in your group from inside your roblox game.

The API is quite complex to use so we create an API wrapper:

The API is built fully serverless so it can handle huge changes in demand, you don’t need to use the API wrapper you can make your own (check below).

Start Using the Module:

HTTPS Must be enabled!!

First we need to create a new Project on [RovolutionLogistics]
1.) RovolutionLogistics - Dashboard, you may need to sign in with Discord!
2.) Click create new project!

3.) Enter a project name, and then click next!
4.) Now select Roblox API and you can invite collaborators with their Discord username + tag, these people can see and edit the token!

5.) Now enter your Ranking accounts roblox token, in Roblox User Token box. To get your token follow the guide below!

6.) Now click download the code snippet, this will automatically add your API key and Project ID, you can open this in notepad or go to Roblox and right click on serverscript service and select Insert from File and insert it!

Get Roblox Login Token:

Roblox tokens are what unlocks an account, they allow users to spend your robux, trade your items and edit your games! Please always use a burner roblox account and never share your token! If you know what you are doing please continue the guide below:

Click the padlock on the address bar!

Then click Cookies:


Find this cookie:

Select all:

And then copy the cookie into Rovolution Logistics!

Example code:

-- Example using the Rovolution API --
local Rovolution_Module = require(9520664531).default -- Default because of the way the wrapper is written

local ProjectID = "TEST_PROJECT_ID"

local API =, API_KEY)

-- Now we can talk to the API

-- For example promote a user
local groupID = 7535264 -- Rovolution Group
local userID = 3152860974 -- A test account

API:PromoteUser(groupID, userID)

The wrapper exposes 5 functions, expect more soon!

API:PromoteUser(groupID, userID)
API:DemoteUser(groupID, userID)
API:AcceptJoinRequest(groupID, userID)
API:RejectJoinRequest(groupID, userID)
API:ExileUser(groupID, userID)
API:SetRank(groupID, userID, rank)

Using the API without the wrapper!

Base URL -

Only POST requests accepted!

Example lua code

local HttpService = GetService("HttpService")
local json_Serialised = HttpService:JSONEncode({
            projectID = "ENTER_PROJECT_KEY_HERE",
			apiKey = "ENTER_API_KEY_HERE",
			data = {
                   groupID = "ENTER_GROUP_TO_PROMOTE_IN",
                   userID = "ENTER_USER_USERID",
HttpService:PostAsync("", json_Serialised)

API Routes:

  • checkKey
  • promoteUser
  • demoteUser
  • exileUser
  • acceptJoinRequest
  • denyJoinRequest
  • setRank

As you can see the above code is quite complex and confusing which is why we recommend the API Wrapper, shown above!


If you need support please join the discord server below!

Support Server: Discord


Contributions are always welcome, we are using Roblox-TS to convert TS to LUA.

Signed GeraldIn2016

CEO and Founder of Rovolution


Make sure to add a warning here about the implications of using your own token. Anyone using this should be using a bot account.


I suggest you use HTTPS and remove the port:3000 because HTTP is not secure but nice module! :clap:t2: will use it for my future games

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Yeah it was a problem with the backend server, which is hosted on Digital Ocean, I had two choices keep it on the or use, I wanted to keep everything on the same domain but for the sake of HTTPS I will switch, but I will leave both open.


Great Module, very useful :+1:


Ok fixed it, new base URL is -

Yeah just added that now, thanks for the feedback!

i dont mean to be rude, but it isn’t hard to create a group ranking bot.

No its not, but it requires server space for a proxy cause you can’t call roblox APIs in game. For everyone who doesn’t want to buy a server and have in running for 24/7 they can use this for free.

i dont mean to be rude, but you can simply just use roproxy or any other proxy.

But this does seem good for anyone who doesn’t know how to use the Roblox API. Since it can get a bit dirty for anyone who doesn’t know how to authenticate with the token, ctrf token etc. Good recourse keep it up :+1:

Thanks, I am just focusing on user ability, and ease of use for small project, but I understand big projects want to own the entire code base. But yes thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

This seems like a major security risk, especially if you are sending .ROBLOSECURITY cookies over a server in plaintext (which I assume is what is happening, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to make a request on someone else’s behalf).

I’m under the belief that this can be used for malicious intent, and I would like to know if there is an argument against that.

For everyone concerned with cookie safety, I will also be open sourcing the backend and will give instructions to self host. However I will still provide my server to allow users to quickly make ranking games.

thank you awesome site i will use this for my roblox bot
edit: please fix this glitch

Worth noting that as of recently, Roblox is moving over to require the cookie to be made on roughly the same IP address that calls the Roblox API, this could stop this API from working.

Ah really? The last time I know it’s just you need to be in the same continent, like if the host is using Europe Server, your bot need to log from Europe(VPN for people who doesn’t live in Europe).

Idk how to explain but the traffic is encrypted and only the server can decrypt it so it’s not ‘Sending cookie over plaintext’ because the site has SSL

You’re talking about this site?

i’m talking about the rovolution site