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Rovolution Logistics Forms

This tool allows you to create forms for your communities, my team was using google forms for hiring new staff member applications and game feedback, this came very tiresome, we were spammed with bot forms and we had to ask users for there Roblox and Discord account and lots of people would reply with lol#1234 and other similar fake usernames. So we went away and for 5 months and created RovolutionLogistics Forms:


  • User authentication, with both Discord and Roblox (using Rovolution)
  • One reponse per Discord account
  • Logs which user made which the response (when authentication is enabled)
  • Automatic Discord web-hook, to seamless integrate with Discord!
  • Simple to use user interface
  • Required and unrequired questions
  • Password access to the form
  • Form response analytics
  • Audit logs to see what has been changed!



Below you can see a form that was created by team to hire new developers, it shows the authentication and one response per person limit, feel free to respond to get a feel for how this tool works!

Getting Started:

  1. First you need to login into the RovolutionLogistics website and navigate to dashboard! RovolutionLogistics - Dashboard
  2. Now click create project:
  3. Name the project and set the project type as Form, you can add collaborators by discord username and tag:
  4. Now you can edit your form settings as you wish, below is how to add a question!

Help and Support

  • Discord

  • Or reply to this thread/dm me here

Signed GeraldIn2016

CEO and Founder of Rovolution


Wow! Great resource, will definitely be using this in the future!

It would be cool to have an API so that you can make embeddable forms within roblox games. Amazing resource tho :smile:

Thats a really cool, idea I will start working on it now!

I have done stuff like that before could I help?

Depends what it is, should it just be an api like

API:FormResponse(plr, {data})

or something a bit more complex that builds a whole UI, or maybe both?
If its a simple thing like above, I was planning on doing something like this

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I was thinking a whole UI like a prompt. An API is kind of required for the UI so its like both.

I am bad at UIs in roblox, but I will happily make an API wrapper, and expose some APIs, add my discord GeraldisNice#4269

Sure, I sent you a request. I am blox#2011

I went on the site for about a minute, didn’t log in or anything…

TONS of data stored… Why might this be?

It’s a PWA, so it caches everything. There are a couple gltf files in the cache, there not currently visible but are used in another project that will be released soon.