RP Group Income

What source of income is most common for the rp group genre. Obviously, rank selling is a very common thing. It’s also the highest source of income for these groups. I’ve promised myself that I’ll never do it.

  1. It’s against the Roblox ToS.
  2. I want my staff to earn their roles.

With selling ranks as the #1 source of income for that, what would be the best alternative? Game passes? Dev products? Merchandise?

There’s so many options that my mind just blanks. Now obviously I’m not running my group for income. I’m doing it out of a passion and a hobby. But income would obviously be a nice addition lol.

Any thoughts?


One big factor is selling weapons to the players, most people who play your roleplay game would want a cool gun or knife, etc. that others don’t have. Another big income bringer for roleplay games are outfits, you could make gamepasses that give a player an exclusive in-game outfit, that makes their character stand out and overall look cool. Another thing is a pack, for example you could make a “Survival Pack”, something like that to sell. In the pack it will consist of multiple weapons or outfits that fit the pack title. One more cool idea, is a gamepass where you can get on a certain team by purchasing that gamepass. Buying the gamepass, will allow the player access onto that team, a long with a few perks.

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The only “real” funds my RP group has earned has been through clothing sales. We do not have mandatory uniforms but we do require that you dress as your character and some of our sales come from that. We have also made a bit of money from donations, but nothing significant.

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Selling ranks isn’t even only against the Terms of Service (ToS), it also lowers the quality of the staff members.

I don’t really understand if you want to earn Robux by using your group or by using games. Can you clarify this?


Both. It doesn’t matter. :woman_shrugging:

Well, for a roleplay game (attached to the RP group) a Golden Player role would be cool. It should give you a golden name in game and golden text in the chat.

Idea inspired on the following Game Pass:

Also, add clothes for each job in the roleplay game sold with Robux.

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It also seems like some RP games have beneficial Gamepasses, such as “Admin-Commands”. Which i am not sure if this is something you were looking for, since you are doing it for passion!