RTS Alpha Engine Modifications

RTS is a group that specializes in Alpha Engine (AE) Modifications and conversions as well as other FPS technologies.
Systems we offer:

  1. Alpha Engine Armor
  2. Alpha Engine Explosive Rounds
  3. Alpha Engine Grenade System (Coming Soon)
  4. Alpha Engine Breakable Walls System
  5. Alpha Engine Ammo System
  6. Alpha Engine Flashlight System
  7. Alpha Engine Regenerating Lights and glass
  8. Several more quality-of-life AE modifications

Please note: RTS is in no way affiliated with Alpha Engine. We are a separate group that creates stand-alone modifications for the engine, not official Alpha Engine updates.

Learn more about Alpha Engine: Alpha Engine (Not affiliated)

This will be updated soon to showcase and provide access to all of our Modifications, but until then all our systems will be accessible via our Discord below!

RTS Server


Might want to add that the link goes to the social ap and also it appears from my quick glance at it that the system cost $Rs, although very low.

Is there a demo place of the system mentioned above to check out the features in game?

Also not all of us know what Alpha Engine even is, might be nice for a quick blurb about what it is to start with and how your modifications add to it.

Sounds cool, would like to check it out.


Hello! There are a few systems that cost Robux, however we try to keep most of them free or as cheap as possible. All of our free systems are posted in a gallery with the files posted there, though they will be posted in this post soon. I’ve been working on a demo place, but until that is released, you can see the demonstrations for several of our systems in the update leaks section of our server. I added a link to the Alpha Engine forum post in case you want to learn more about it. Thanks for your feedback!