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Welcome to the thread everybody! Firstly, I wanted to thank you all for showing your support for my work. I have previously created a thread for Carbone Engine which is now old and obsolete, so now I would like to present my latest work: Alpha Engine. AE is completely made by myself in terms of programing, UI Design, and mechanics. I have been working on this engine for about a year now, and it is finally starting to come together!

Company Stuff
Alpha Engine is made, and distributed via plugin completely by myself, and can be found by joining the discord server listed below known as Alpha Engine: Headquarters.

What Is Alpha Engine?
Alpha Engine is a next generation combat system made by myself which is free to use by all, and has a premium addition available for grabs within the discord server listed below. AE has a plethora of features, mechanics, security, support, and retention, while having a grand total of 350 planned features! Many groups and games already use Alpha Engine, and it is time for it to spread across ROBLOX to those who need a quality weapon system for their First Person AND Third Person needs. I have spent the last year+ working on the system and updating it weekly in hopes that one day it will be used by a great many people. It is free to use, but there is also a premium version you can snag which will always have all the latest and greatest features. You will receive updates via the plugin whenever there are updates available! Join the discord server below to stay up-to-date with what’s going on.

What Are A Few Popular Features Of Alpha Engine?

  • Mobile Support / PC Support (Console and VR Support Coming In Future)
  • FPS / TPS Over The Shoulder
  • R15/R6 Compatibility (Automatically adapts to each individual’s avatar in real-time)
  • Stances (Standing, Crouched, Prone)
  • Ready Stances (There are a total of 5 ready stances. Ready High, Ready, Ready Low, Relaxed, and Patrol)
  • Leaning
  • Multiple Fire Modes
  • Top Notch Security
  • Realistic Gameplay
  • Realism/Arcade Hybrid Gameplay Mechanics
  • Modification Support
  • Lag Reduction Technology
  • Immersive Gameplay
  • Full Customizability
  • Simplified Installation and Updating (Via Plugin)
  • Six Fire Modes (Currently: Semi, Burst, Auto, Bolt Action, Shot, Explosive)
  • Universal Stances (Optional) (Standing, Crouched, Proned)
  • Toggleable/Hold Leaning (Optional)
  • Laser Sight (Optional)
  • Projected Optics (Parallax Effect)
  • Secondary Sight/Zoom
  • Alternate Zoom (AimPart2 & AimPart3)
  • Aesthetic FX
  • Sound Isolation (The further you are from the shot, the more distant it sounds)
  • Mouse Wheel Sensitivity Manipulation
  • Movement Speed Manipulation (Mouse Wheel)
  • Optimized Clean Up Protocols
  • Bleeding Edge Security (You cannot kill people using exploits. This system will secure your games from weapon related exploits that ACS and CE suffer from daily)
  • Advanced Ballistics (Ricochet & Penetration)
  • Airdrop Mechanics for Resupplying
  • Flares

Alpha Engine is designed with top-notch security, which renders any meaningful exploits useless. No more killing scripts, and etc. On top of this, AE has been stress tested in 100 player servers several times and had turned up with zero lag, as it’s clean-up and operation protocols are cutting edge. AE as previously stated will also be jam packed full of 350+ features!

Alpha Engine is constantly being updated. I update the engine at the very least two times a week. These updates can vary between security patches, bug patches, feature additions, and prototypes. You will never go without updates. Be prepared to update your engine to the latest and greatest to keep yourselves at the top!

Coming Soon

How To Install
Download the plugin listed below, and be sure to join the whitelisting group to gain access. Any groups/games directly owned by your account will be whitelisted.

Free Plugin: Alpha Engine: Standard Edition Plugin - Roblox
Whitelist Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/12134649/Alpha-Engine-Whitelist

Important Links


Just some things that stick out to me during testing:

  • The recoil feels too exaggerated
  • The Vinaigrette stands out a bit too much and it feels distracting
  • Game Mode explanations are too small and also could be hard to read on smaller devices. They could realistically be included in a tutorial area or help page instead.
  • Some UI doesn’t scale well or at all when using a 4K display (this is a problem encountered by a lot of people)
    You also talk about security twice in your features list. “Top Notch Security / Bleeding Edge Security”.

[EDIT - 14/09/2022] OP requested I deleted my posts, however due to uncertainty of whether or not OP would additionally delete theirs, I truncated them all here for brevity.

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I’m talking about the example game you have itself rather than the customization. This is a factor of providing a test place your engine and opening up a place for feedback.

Additionally, if you want to emphasise security, bloating the marketing points with repetition is an extremely bad idea.

As for the marketing, you should also clarify the “Standard Edition”/Editioning variations you have better. That and probably advertise the direct features rather than advertise on a speculative number of mostly unnamed, planned features. Game development is strife with making promises that go unfulfilled, both in the wider industry and on ROBLOX (as many projects have shown).

Advertising what you don’t have directly accessible misleading itself unless you have a realistic and actionable roadmap that you could provide here too.

[EDIT] I’m looking at this “popular feature list” and you just repeat some of the same things with slight variation twice to four times. This should be better condensed and rewritten.

[EDIT 2] For anyone reading - I don’t hate the engine at all. It’s well written and there’s passion behind it. I’m just concerned about the marketing on display here alone.

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There’s a little more going on than you’re aware of so I do appreciate the feedback, but I also want you to understand that for many people who will read this, they will be familiar with Carbon Engine as well.

You are posting on a public forum that any member of can reply and engage with, this isn’t the best way to cover this point. You could’ve solely highlighted that this page was intended for those familiar with your past works than anyone.

As for redundant points in the post, the only redundant points would be the security ones. The rest are separate from one another. An example would be Stances and ready stances. They are completely different things. One has to do with crouching, proning, and standing while the other deals with breaching tactics.

These could be condensed far better into a marketing point highlighting a feature rich, flexible character animation system rather than the separate stances themselves. You do also repeat “Stances” as “Universal Stances” later on too.

The fact you have this stuff in is good, it just needs to be communicated more clearly through it’s own dedicated section that demonstrates the system in action with images showcasing what the animations look like.

The Secondary Sight/Zoom is not the same as the alternate zoom either. For those who use a lot of weapon systems, generally the norm is that you have to cycle which sight you’re using to change your zoom, but in this engine, a single sight can be manipulated with varied zoom without the need for swapping to another optic.

You have four points dedicated to the optics. This would be best reserved as it’s own full section describing the optics in detail properly. I can tell you’re proud of the optics system but having very similarly named selling points for subtly different fosters more confusion.

The post is clearly targeted to your past audience but in having on a public forum, it would be best to come prepared in future with the expectation that people who aren’t at all familiar with you, your community and your work may pick up one of your topics. It would also help to have a more detailed post than a bullet-point dump in general (use the “Hide Details” option to split popular features).

There’s a lot of promise in the system, just the marketing is questionable.


As stated in the post, everything is customizable. If you wanted, you could make the guns have zero recoil what so ever, or shoot to the moon. I wanted to emphasis on the security, as well as the game is not what is being advertised here, simply a tool to showcase the weapon system.

(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

Universal stances and stances are different features as well. It’s not directed towards those who already know my work, it’s directed towards those who have some experience with weapon systems. This is a pretty advanced weapon system. It isn’t for people who know nothing about them. People who have experience with weapon systems will understand that stancing and universal stancing are 2 different features. Stancing is simply the mechanic, but universal stancing covers the point that you can still use stances even when you don’t have a weapon equipped.

Thank you for the input but I’ve been doing this for a very long time. To you it might seem janky and uninformative but I have it written exactly they way I want it to be. It reaches the audience I’m shooting for and it works very well. In the end that is all that really matters. Just because it’s on a public forum for all to see doesn’t mean I’m obligated to target that entire audience.

Let us respectfully end this conversation because the points you are making, while they are valuable, they don’t fit the reason why I made this post and I would like the message board for this post not to be filled with marketing advice.

I also ask that you delete your posts because they are flooding my post with irrelevant information pertaining to the post itself. I would like to keep this thread clean.

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I Installed the plugin but it doesn’t do anything the install button

Be sure to join the group as well. The group acts like a catalyst. I stated this at the bottom of the post.


I’ll delete them and truncate the contents into my first post

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Is there a reason why the source code is obfuscated?


Are you able to add animation to the game using rbxassetid://? It’ll be really nice and easier to animate instead of using CFrames, and I’m pretty sure your engine will be the first before any others to add rbxassetid.

This will be a very nice addition and I cannot stress how much this will be helpful for those like me who don’t wanna animate with CFrames and rather just do it with Blender or Roblox Animation Editor


Hello. I’ve seen this system on youtube and it looks pretty good (animations are good for cframe, and overall gameplay for it is good). How would you make the guns though, as installing the system comes with zero guns.

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Hello! If you join the communications server you can find guns and tutorials

Major Bug that trigggers the anticheat:

Go in third person(r6) with the gun, dequip it, then requip it. You’ll see there is a camera bug


hey there! does this have the ability to use friendly fire? if so, how may I do that?

Hello I got the plugin and hit install but nothing happens and nothing is added to the game… what am I missing here?

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join their group to whitelist, located at the bottom of the original post


what is this type of motor 6d management, this is preventing me from making keyframe animations instead of CFrame
WAY TOO complicated to re-animate

should add 3rd person/OTS shoulder swapping. like press Q to switch between left/right shoulder instead of being locked to right shoulder.

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