Rules for offsite links and references in Collaboration bad

Currently, even posting a Discord tag or email address in a Collaboration post, let alone a link to a website that is not one of the few allowed, is a violation of the rules of the forum. Many (if not most) of the posts there violate this.

Possible solutions:

  • Modify the rules of the Developer Forums to make exceptions for this category.
  • Make a Billboard subcategory visible only to users signed in (13+).
  • Make the Collaboration section accessible only to users signed in (13+).

Continuation of this thread.


I 100% agree that this needs to be changed seeing as even Roblox admins use Discord for Roblox Development related thing. Also 13+ shouldn’t be an issue which I won’t get into why. But due to COPA Law everyone here and on Discord and other Social Medias / Forums must be 13 or over. I believe there’s not much to be said and maybe ad a pole so Staff can see it’s really something that should be cleared up or at least addressed.

The rules are not all-encapsulating: often, just like moderation on the site, they are held up to context and common sense is expected when making a judgement about forum use.

We’re not exactly uptight about posting your Discord tag in the Collaboration category as we understand it’ll be used as a point of contact between you and potential employees, so we’re trusting that you aren’t posting Discord account usernames or emails for any other intention. Otherwise, server links are still not allowed. The post, in this case, may be rejected (if it gets held) or otherwise modified.

I don’t think any of these solutions are necessary.