Running ads in new Creator Dashboard

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to run ad for my group, and i went to new Creator Dashboard. Just clicked new buttons or whatever but there isnt any “ad” button on new dashboard. Is there any solution?

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I am having the same issue, there is no way to run ads through the new dashboard. Roblox needs to fix this.

Try Searching the forums first.
This post Running an ad through new Creator Dashboard shows the same issue.

If you can post a bug report then you should get together with the other members on that thread and do it together.

Heyy scottifly,
just thinking about “searching forums” i see that post right now but in my opinion, if there will be new topics about this issue, Roblox engineers will handle this bug easily. I dont know, its my opinion.

Sended a bug report to @Bug-Support thanks for advice. Have a nice day.

Yeah, old links redirecting to new page. Its really bad :P. Sended a bug report and now just waiting for it.

I’m going to link this topic since I’ve provided some links to the ad configure pages:

Its for game sponsorships, we already can access this from new Creator Dashboard. I want to run ads for my group.

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