Safe, Free Watermarks Post No. 2

These are free watermarks for general purpose.

About my previous post

Here is the link: Safe, Free watermarks

Some (I estimate 20-25%) liked these because they felt that due to the random colors and since the watermarks spread all around the image, it protects the image from being stolen (this opinion I personally agree with). Most people said “it was too hard to see”. So I did a little bit of both and even one watermark that is kinda experimental.


For those who prefer watermarks that are "easier" to see thru

The watermark in “tile” form

The watermark in “full” form

When applied

For those who prefer "protective" watermarks

The watermark in “tile” form.(Only available in that form, bc. I had trouble exporting them)
Asset 7
When applied

An experimental watermark

When applied

How to use

  1. Right click the image and click “Save image as” and name it whatever you want
  2. Next open your artwork in a photo editing app
  3. Drag and drop the image on top of your artwork and scale, crop, or “tile” your image with the watermark
  4. Type your name over the artwork to prove it’s yours
  5. Export your artwork

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Please do not rate “weigh down” your rating based on the the type of watermark that you don’t like

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Watermarked Graphics Credits


I’m glad these watermarks are free! However, the “experimental” watermark could easily be bypassed just by singling out the dark areas and increasing their brightness, since the watermark itself is just dark, transparent lines.

That is a good point, remember that this is just an experiment.

Perhaps you could tint it a different colour or distort those areas you’ve applied the watermark to.

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I feel like these do indeed protect anything at all, but do disturb the view of the audience. I however prefer a method where it both shows that it’s your property, and very hard to steal –

I personally use photoshop, and it has a “Pattern Overlay” feature. This can be very useful, as you can make your own watermark pattern.

Here is an example of my watermark – commissionpfpbetterbybvicewatermarked

Just three simple clicks – Double click your layer, Pattern Overlay, Click your pattern (In this case, your watermark).


These watermarks are extremely intrusive! It might be best just to use a normal watermark, as you cannot even really see the artwork. It would be best just to use @ViceRabbit’s method of a secure watermark.


If everyone were to use these, how could they claim their artwork as theirs?

You upload your own watermark images?

This post was made in Community Resources offering “safe and free” watermarks, it even has instructions which include saving the the provided watermarks on your device and using the provided watermarks on your artwork.

Yes you can make your own watermarks, but that wasn’t the point of @adj_44’s post.

I edited the instructions so it now says to add text over the watermark.