Safechat in searching

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to search up,all the players, games, catalog items while the safechat is there.

If Roblox is able to address your issue, how would it improve your game and/or your development experience? Please be as specific as possible. Searching items would be much better and easier - there wouldn’t be any difficulties with hashtagging input.

The thing I dont like is the safechat in the roblox search. I dont see a purpose of it. It’s not shared with other people so why might be there safechat? The text you type is only visible to you. Even if it would be real swear word - you typed it and what’s the sense of vanishing swear words from person who wrote them…? It only makes some items harder to search up etc. Some usernames for example are longer and can be tagged for no reason. Same as catalog items and games.

I dont think it should be there. If you think in other way about it, please share it with me. :slight_smile:



This has already been discussed multiple times

Please use the search functionality next time to establish if your post has been made before :slight_smile:

Just for the sake of a response however:

ROBLOX Search is filtered in order to prevent previously unfiltered usernames to not be shown, since ROBLOX does not perform retroactive filtering on text i.e. usernames.

i.e. without filtering, if you search up a swear in usernames, inappropriate usernames would be shown.

See the problem?


then the site search should detect if you’re over 13 and stop it from filtering a dev’s name

also, the rare old bad-word names get deleted almost instantly upon finding & reporting them

I’ve yet to see an admin response on these kinds of threads so it’s probly better not to make statements cuz we’re all just guessing here; we’ll have to wait for a response

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I believe @Sorcus actually addressed this in the ‘This is the place to post chat issues’ thread with what I just said.

Okay but… How about catalog? Roblox is still filtering that one, when I am sure they filter names of assets. Also if you search this word up - it’s only your fail u are looking for that. Nobody can affect it. You are just looking for users with that username and you used the swear word while doing that. The difference is when Player1 uses swear word and Player2 sees it as a kid. In searching - nobody see what u type. Still - second thing. Shouldn’t usernames be filtered on account creation instead of filtering search system?? They are still visible in game chats so yea. Users still see them as they are inappropriate.

The issue is that not all assets were created with the new filter. Please read what I said before regarding retroactive filtering.

Then roblox can make hashtag the asset names, not the search input…

Then they’re checking thousands of assets instead of just a single search term. This isn’t scalable, so it won’t happen.

No. This isn’t a good idea because it means, as I have literally explained twice now, that they would have to do retroactive filtering, which either isn’t possible (usernames) or will just be pointless (asset names) and in both cases will take massive computing power.

Yeah, I know, but still. I dont think it should be filtered tho. Nobody see what you type in the search and users, assets should be displayed - cause you are just looking for them… You just want to search them up. What’s dangerous for kids in that? They type swear words by themselves and they just get answers, because of what they wrote… Okay - let’s say they shouldn’t search for usernames like that. I still think 13+ users should be able to.

Danger is in finding things that somehow got past moderation. Sometimes things do slip by. I do think that the filtering should be way less strict on the site, though.

So over 13s should see discriminatory, offensive material and racial slurs?

Ikr, but it’s still pretty annoying when you look for some user and your input is getting hashtagged. It should be less strict at least for 13+. Maybe its danger, but you are still looking for that, so it’s same as if you would search using link or some other way. You just searched for it.

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You can type those into Google and you’ll find them with their meanings. You wouldn’t type something without knowing the word :thinking:

Still. Not every profile is indexed by Google, at least it needs some time to do this… Google uses index system to fast search. Also robox searching would be… much easier?

Not talking about Roblox profiles, talking about words :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yea. I get it now. Your right. Does google filter the search? Maybe from inappropriate content (mostly images), but it doesn’t filter input. If your looking for that - it’s just showing it to you. Don’t want to see - don’t type.
I fully agree with you. That’s what I want to say from the beginning. Thanks! :smiley:

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As already explained by EchoReaper.

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It should be at least less strict…