Sales of Goods Robux missing in past week

I had 1.1 million Robux last week. I released a game around 10 days ago, wanted to check how much I’ve received last week in the summary revenue page. I’ve received around 500k in sales and goods but

my Robux has only gone up to 1.3m. I’m receiving some Robux but not all that is stated on the page, you can see what’s missing here in the yearly page.!/about Heres my group

Heres my game

Update: It wasn’t just one day thing I’m now at over 600k missing


I can confirm I’m experiencing this issue too. Within the last week ~28.4% of my total revenue has dissapeared.


I too have experienced this and still do, the statistics are mathmatically incorrect and do not make sense and show missing robux?

At first I thought it was me making mathematical errors however the sales and how much I have spent just did not make sense

I feel as if the Robux Total is broken or incorrect as this has worried me before about missing robux or robux I have no idea where they have gone to.

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I’m also seeing this issue with my groups but on a slightly larger scale (30-35%).

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I’m also seeing this bug, I’m supposedly “losing” out on around 30% of my profits when looking in the yearly tab. Even though my group hasn’t even been around for a year yet. Happening on multiple groups as well.


Yeah i lost about 340k during the last week. Just dissapeared.


This is critical in my opinion, Vehicle Simulator had a huge drop in rev today. We saw a 80%+ reduction in revenue w/the same player count, no updates (Besides one that had nothing to do w/sales/marketing etc.) No user complaints either.


Driving Simulator seems to be impacted.
We are observing a decrase in revenue starting today during peak hours, when we generally see a sharp uptick. Player count is not affected.
Our last update was Saturday, 9/26.





This graph points to ~20% nominal revenue at peak hours, which matches up with Vehicle Simulator’s estimates.


All of the reports here seem to be around 30%, which is also the same cut that Roblox takes as a tax when users purchase items. Maybe profit vs revenue and the verbiage used on that page is confusing?

My game Wayfort is impacted by this. In the past 48 hours i’ve noticed a nearly 80% revenue decrease even after an update!

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Seeing this too, I even made a bot record all my sales. Apparently today I only received 8k robux before tax while my bot says I made over 50k after tax. This is ridiculous, if I don’t receive those funds I’m actually going to be really upset as I rely on ROBLOX as a full time job. No explanation is also really annoying :confused:

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My game tower of dread has lost 99% of its profit today and yesterday it lost 50%. I am not making revenue anymore and I don’t know what to do. It’s so annoying and my game is not showing the correct amounts in developer stats. Really annoying and confusing.

I went around asking players in my game to see if anyone was having problems with purchases but there was not a single report regarding that at all, nor were there any related errors in the console. It seems players are still able to make purchases as normal but the purchase may not be going through all the way (pure speculation)? My game usually hits around 140k robux daily and today we only hit around 5k all of the sudden with no updates or changes at all, and player count averaged as normal.

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here is some more data of the past couple of days. It didn’t drop players and it still shows these low amounts…


So far our group has reported a disrepancy of over 2.6 million robux.

Not to mention, we are also experiencing some extremely odd behavior with our revenue split. Our group is setup to split the revenue 49-49-2 (me, person, group) but a significant amount more than 2% goes to the group each month.

It appears that revenue going to the group is both way above our set amount and also dissapearing as reported above.

The 600,000 R$ Payout is about how much actually appeared in our group that we took from for other means. First of all, this summary page is way over 2%! And second of all, we are missing a huge chunk of what should be flowing into the group!

This is what myself and my partner’s individual pages look like (roughly, since we recieve the same amount)

Given that the group is set up 49-49-2, it makes absolutely no sense how much the group is reporting to earn.

Based off of this data, we are missing over 2 million robux from last month alone. We should have seen 7 million robux after roblox takes 30%, divided 49-49-2, meaning each of us gets 3.4 million and the group gets 140k. Instead of this, we saw the group stating it took in 3 million while only showing about 800k-1 million for the month, while myself and my partner both saw about 2.2 million, which is a 1.2 million difference per person. Extremely concerning!


Thank you for the bug report and apologies for the delayed response.

Our engineering team is looking into the issues presented here. We’ll update this topic as soon as we have more information for you.


As we go into the weekend, we wanted to provide an update to two sales reporting display errors some of you may have or may still be encountering.

On Oct 1st and 2nd, there was an error with stat counts on the graph page which made it appear as though your numbers were much lower than they actually were. This issue has been addressed and you should be seeing more accurate results going forward. However, it may take some additional time to fully correct the data on the graph from the error dates.

Another reporting error, which we are still investigating, is an ‘over-counting’ of your Sales of Goods between Sept 16th - Oct 2nd. If you are looking at your Robux Revenue chart or group summary, you may see a bloated number. We are working to fix this data as quickly as possible.

We will share another update once we have additional information or a confirmed resolution.

Thank you!


Thank you! It seems to work WAY better now.

There is also an issue with the group revenue split. It shows on the group page that the revenue is split, but when you go into group settings to change percents you can’t see any names there.

We are also having the same issue as @Pavalineox with several million robux differences.

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I’d like to add onto @ItsKolapo’s post by clarifying that this appears to be much more than just a display error for us. The payout distribution system appears to be completely malfunctioning. This has been a problem with our group since we started using payouts back in mid 2020, not just starting in september. This includes payout %'s not distributing at their assigned ratios as well as group settings problems.

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