Samjay22, Advanced Lua, Python, .Net developer

Hey there, I am samjay22, an advanced developer; I have been on Roblox since 2012 being a guest and creating an account in 2013. I am 19 and am studying for a Ph.D. in applied and computation mathematics, focusing on data science and related structures. In other words, I’m a mathematician and a good one too.

Currently, I am a software engineer for Fetch Rewards which is ranked 4 globally in the US consumer market and a teacher for Varsity Tutors. I specialize in backend and algorithms. I am also pursuing a senior-level software engineering position with Amazon Game Studio.

I am a prior head developer for the group Building COOL; the current member count is 570k.

I am also a prior developer for the game Ronopoly,
[SALE!] BANKRUPT - Roblox.
Ronopoly - Roblox

Community Posts I have written:

Programming/Scripting Experience

Languages i use

  • Java
  • C#
  • C++
  • C
  • VB
  • Python
  • Power point
  • JS
  • Ruby
  • Lua
  • SQL
  • JSON
  • XML
  • Html,
  • CSS

I teach all these on my youtube. If you would like to see it is listed below; Samjay22 - YouTube.

Details of what I can do

I can use python to do anything I want really, I mainly use it for Machine learning, but if you need a python program, I can help you out.

Lua, pretty simple language, know how to use a majority of the built-in functionality. Discord and Pastebin webhooks are pretty easy to work with. I mainly do database development using webhooks but can do other work also.

C# I mainly use unity. I worked on a game in high school with friends. I was one of the lead developers. I never got to finish because of the covid virus.

C++, I use for game development in the unreal engine and bot creation/data mining.

Java, I just use this for fun.

SQL, JSON, VB, and XML I use for data storage. I recently made a FireBase data store for all of my Roblox games as I have had data loss with Roblox data store service, and To backup the lost data, I use FireBase SDK located here:

HTML and CSS are elementary to use. I took code academy courses and got a certificate.

Never use PowerPoint as it has no real-world application.

I actively use

Can use

Roblox studio
Visual Studio 2017 and 2019
Python IDE
Firebase SDK
Google Docs
Unreal engine

Current and prior works

Due to Roblox not wanting me to post .mp4 files, I will give a link to my google drive.

Stuff - Google Drive

My buddy and I just made this chat script, and we are working on LS @TakenGoomig

I just made a drag-able I inventory system:
Gets saved data from the server and saves slots player moved items too.

Current RPG project I am working on:
2021-04-06 13-47-39.mp4 - Google Drive

A tool Database I just recently made and a sprint script

My buddy and I made that just recently.

Current Projects include the following.

Bloon Defense - Roblox
Football Game Test - Roblox
City Test Remake Pre-Release-Alpha - Roblox
Pie Fight Chronicles | BETA - Roblox
Ammunition [BETA] - Roblox
Calvin Dior. - Roblox (their games.)
Crafty Wolf Studios - Roblox
Gun Place - Roblox
Sinking Ship: Sunk v2 - Roblox
Speed Run Hangout [In Progress] - Roblox
Scripting Simulator - Roblox (Note, I put this together in a few hours, it is not in the best of shape currently.)

Started Messing around with a simple tween service.
Escape the fire noobs - Roblox
Minion Testing - Roblox Heavily inspired by Hypixle Minions.

I just recently made a remote/function anti-cheat exploiters cannot fire the remotes in my game. I have tried, and a few buddies have tried to exploit, but they all have failed. I will not share the script publicly as it was a pain to make, and someone can reverse engineer and find a way to crack it. If you have questions about it, let me know on my discord.

I just made a backup datastore for one of my games; it uses FireBase SDK Admin; if all goes well, I will be implementing it into all my games as it uses Roblox datastore and this custom data-store to check if the data there is the same as the data saved to the FireBase store.

I just made my first gun; CFrames was a real joy to mess with.

First gun ever - Roblox

I am currently not open for coms.
I am open to messages any time of day.

Contact me on my Roblox messages or discord

Country Coder🤠#2633

Thanks for giving me a look!!


Highly talented programmer on and off the roblox platform. His work is astonishing, and is truly worth hiring. I strongly suggest anyone looking for a highly talented programmer to contact Samjay.