Sammy's modeling commissions [OUTDATED]

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Hello, my name is Sammy! I have about 3 years of experience in modeling. I specialize in both Roblox Studio and Blender. I also do easy-medium difficulty renders which are mainly opened during weekends though sometimes opened during weekdays. :smile:

(Status will be shown below)


Modeling commissions | [Opened]
Rendering commissions | [Opened]

I can only work on one commission at once unless it’s a smaller order. (I’ll just let you know in contacts if I’m already working on one)


More pictures
Low poly




Finished Commissions
All Models

Personal Artwork

If you would like more pictures, please do not hesitate to ask me in contacts. :grinning:

Prices are negotiable

Robux :robux:

Models • 25-1500 :robux:

Low poly • 50-700 :robux:

Renders • 200-2000 :robux:

Personal Artwork • 50-350 :robux:

I’m accepting robux gift cards as well


Paypal image

Currently not accepting Paypal

1-3 hours on weekdays
2-8 hours on weekends

Sometimes I don’t have time at all due to me having 3 positions as a modeler in groups or if I’m not on my computer


You can contact me through my Discord, Twitter, or Roblox. Thanks for considering buying my commissions and I can’t wait to start working on your commission! :smile:

SammyTheBestRoblox#8803 (Discord)
SammyTheBest6 (Twitter)
Sam_0987654321best (Roblox)
Link in case if it tags in the search bar
Talk to you in DMs but, goodbye for now. :wave:


All my commissions are opened once again!

By the way, what is “polaris”?

corrupt ro av group pretty much

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make sure to check out my new portfolio!