Save data outside roblox?

Hey guys,
is it possible to save data outside roblox in a database ?
So the data will be set everytime the player joins the game and saves when hes leaving.
Hope u can help me, thanks

If what you mean is saving the data to an external server, or a website of some sort, then yes. There is the http service for that, and for a website to store the data in take a look at SQL Databases, this will need a bit of learning but it shouldn’t be so hard. Here is a tutorial that gives a rough idea.


Yes, you can save data externally. This question has been asked many times, please search before posting.

Additionally, please note that external data saving is supposed to be used as a backup. Roblox data stores should always be your primary data saving method.

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Side note that external data saving is very easy to mess up and can be costly. You should be very careful with storing data externally.