Save the Date: RDC 2020!

I am on the other side of the world so i can’t wait to watch the live Stream!


I’m pretty excited. Hopefully i’ll get an invite.


Would be nice to be able to go to RDC, if not I’ll still watch the live stream.

Hopefully we get the Developer Roadmap for 2020 soon, can’t wait for the studio updates.


If I dont get an invite this year I probably will next year because Im releasing about 4 games and I am trying to get atleast 2 to the front page. Im In Canada so im pretty close. Could easily drive or fly for very little cost.


I’m tall dude, just u WAIT,…


Hey developers,

We hear your concerns regarding the absence of the European RDC this year and understand your frustration. We want to shed some light on why this decision was made.

The idea of the Roblox Developers Conference is to unite our global community under one roof for an epic weekend of networking, learning, and having fun. By separating our various international communities, we’re acting contrary to what our ideals for RDC entail. While our stance on this could change in the future, one big RDC is currently what makes the most sense for us to do.

We know that this means that not everyone who wants to attend will be able to, but we’re trying our best to make it as easy as possible - no matter where you’re from - to come to San Francisco for the conference. That’s why the Save the Date was posted so early and why we’re sending invitations out this month. The earlier we can do these things, the less expensive it will be for everyone who wants to attend. On top of that, we want to ensure that you have sufficient time to earn enough money from your development work to attend the conference. We’re going to continue subsidizing as many costs as we can to make attending RDC as affordable as possible for everyone.

For those wondering why we would host the only RDC in the Bay Area instead of a more central location, it’s a matter of what resources we make available to you. The close proximity of the conference to our headquarters offers you so much more than any other venue ever could. By coming to our area, you’ll get the opportunity to tour our headquarters during the week before RDC weekend, connect with more Roblox employees than you would have at any other conference, and get a peek into what life at Roblox is like. There’s so much value just in being able to connect with such a variety of our staff that RDC in San Francisco really cannot be undersold.

We hope that this helps alleviate some of your concerns and answers some of your questions.


Developer Relations


I very much agree, one big one makes much more sense, and would be a lot more fun as oppose to splitting it up.

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To me it doesn’t make sense at all. Many European developers like me really want to go, but can’t afford or don’t want to spend so much money on plane tickets. I just checked how much flight tickets would cost me if I bought them now (from Amsterdam) and it’d still be 850 euro. Which is waay too much for such an event.


Flying in to a different, nearby airport (Oakland, for example) might save you quite a bit.


Can someone explain their definition of “going global”, presented at RDC18? This is the complete opposite; forcing everyone to come to the USA…

Also many developers do not make enough to pay for the flights, on top of other expenses, no matter how early I start saving


Nope, actually gets worse :grimacing:
But on the bright side I’m glad I went to at least one rdc, which was the last one in europe


It would have seemed like a great idea, unfortunately that means pretty much no Europeans would come down unless they had all travel expenses pre-paid. It would be so expensive to travel all the way to America and thus making it so that hardly any European will be attending RDC. This is upsetting, I can understand the idea but it just means we won’t be having an RDC unless we pay a heafty plane ticket and taxi fares.


And on top of that, a visa is required to enter the USA - and their visa policy is pretty strict!


Not necessarily:


Their policy is strict but that’s only on criminals. Additionally, you don’t necessarily need a VISA as you are not staying in the country for a very long time. If you are in one of 38 countries part of the Visa Waiver program, the process of getting into the country is far more simpler, and instead of a VISA per say, you use an ESTA. Going to RDC is going to quaify as a pleasure event.

The pricing of the whole event is very over-exaggerated, so in simple terms, I’ll put it like this.

It will cost you a lot if it takes too long to get invites out, but Roblox are not monsters. You’d think that an event that is aimed at developers is gonna be run by staff that have dev’s interests at the best of heart, and in the past, they’ve subsidised a lot of the hotel costs associated with the trip. The only variable in the cost of travel is the time it takes for invites to get out, and there is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from reserving a plane ticket early. Also, lets not forget that they aren’t monsters. yes. they are not monsters. I have full faith they’ll try and get tickets out swiftly so we know for the near future.


I’m happy for clarification, but i don’t think this is a good decision still. For me personally, I would not be able to go to America, I don’t have an income big enough to save up to that (The plane tickets costs allost as much as I earn during a year since I can’t work due to school and health reassons). This RDC concept has made me lose the chance to network, rather than letting me meet new developers. The only reasson to why i could attend RDC EU 2018 was because I could get there by car.

It’s a nice thought, but it collides with reality.


I can totally relate. It would be too expensive for me to attend, and I don’t have the income neccesary to save up. It’s pointless for me to make RDC plans anymore if they are just going to host it in America.


So, I decided to make a somewhat price list of what it would cost for a european developer to go to RDC

Taking a flight from Berlin (Which is in the center of Europe ish) would cost between 9 904 SEK to 12 986 SEK

1 SEK = 0.10 USD

This gives us the price of the flight to be 1 012 to 1 327 USD per person

Considering that a young developer goes with his parents, and they don’t want to take the cheapest flight (Maybe they got a bd reputation or something etc), Let’s make that into 1 027 USD × 3 = 3 081 USD for a family to go.

After that, we have to calculate a Taxi to the hotel (Let’s make it ~45 USD) Then we reach a total cost of 3 126.

Then we have hotel fees and the RDC fee. Let’s make that 400 USD (I’m not entirely sure about the pricing, so could be higher).

That would be landing on 3 526 USD for a 3 day event.

Does this look sane to Roblox? That teenagers should just get that ammount out of the sky?

I have been on Roblox for about 7 years, and habe never been able to DevEx. It’s hard to get to that point where you can earn money from your games.

We would need heavily lowered prices to even consider it.

(Plane prices from Berlin to San Francisco)

Please consider bringing back RDC EU.


Flying from Oslo (Norway) to Oakland (Oakland is what @coefficients suggested as a cheaper alternative) now in February would have cost around 300$, flying same route in July would cost 950$ alone in transport. And that’s me alone, I need one of my parents to follow along. Having good time doesn’t seem to make such a difference in price, I remember checking prices last year when we had a shorter notice but I still have the economical dilemma, the fact it’s summer holidays all over the world makes it way too expensive to travel across the continents.

I also believe having RDC EU and RDC EU doesn’t split the community nor double standard the globalization. There are limited of spaces in the US and you’re making an entire world fight over it. The events in 2018 occured on different weekends, I even met some who went to both RDCs. Rather than including as many developers as possible on different locations you kind of end up with fewer space, less locations and less international developers. Hopefully three time’s the charm and 2021 will finally welcome Europe again.


come to San Francisco for the conference

Despite trying to give info out advanced people; its still VERY expensive to travel from eastern parts of the world. 500-1k+ and that can be flights alone. Ive done the math and for me to go alone and booking a flight now would cost me around 1.4k. Disappointing considering roblox said they want to branch out yet this seems like a step backward.