Save the Date: RDC 2020!

I’m going to assume it’s members who get invited, because the exclusiveness of the developer forum dropped whenever they changed the admissions process. There may still be a chance for you to get a ticket after the final wave.


Why exactly there is no RDC in Europe this year? I am so sad now and disappointed.
It’s honestly really disrespectful for all European developers, I am honestly slowly giving up.


I was invited last year and I hope I’m invited this year as well. What an experience RDC 2019 was.

I highly, HIGHLY suggest any developers who have not attended RDC to do so. Not only is it awesome to meet people that enjoy doing what you do, but it’s amazing to see the upcoming features and the inner workings of RDC. Very excited!


I’m disappointed with the lack of RDC in Europe. Guess I’m not going - a huge letdown for the international community as I’m sure you’ll hear echoed through tons of other posts here :pensive:

(nice snazzy new logo, tho! The new venue looks pretty large also; it’s going to be great for you US peoples :grinning:)


I am so excited!!!

I really want to go to RDC, this is going to be awesome.


Woo hoo! I hope I’m invited, I’d absolutely love for this year to be my first RDC!


As long as everything goes well, I’ll stick around after my Spring Accelerator Internship, and be just living in the area when RDC drops, but I think I’ll still spend on having a room at this insane hotel anyways.

Actually properly in the heart of SF, and very close to some interesting locales. This year is gonna be fun.


If that is the case, then it will be thoroughly disappointing. New Members contribute a lot to the Roblox developer community and experiencing RDC would be the next step for some of them.



This will be my 3rd year attending and let me tell you, I am beyond excited! RDC is the highlight of my year and anyone on the fence I HIGHLY recommend going as this will change your life! It definitely changed mine! Can’t wait to go back and see everyone again :star_struck:


It’s good to see that RDC has been announced earlier, which might reduce the amount of troubles last year with booking last minute flights, accommodation, etc but it’s not very ideal for EU Developers still.

Most EU developers like myself are disappointed at the lack of information about a European RDC. It would be ideal for Roblox to present some transparency as to why this is the decision, and what factors mean that hosting an RDC EU is not possible. Unless if there is to be information on an European event in the coming days, it’s only fair that EU developers get justified reasoning for this. It also doesn’t look good when RDC is trying to appeal to more developers but instantly neglects many of the aspiring European developers an amazing opportunity.

Here’s also a small meme for the EU Devs :wink:


So hyped to go again!!!

Also thanks for including my post about RDC 2019!


Are you serious? Didn’t you guys learn from last year? I went to RDC '18 in Amsterdam (RDC EU) and it was a life and career changing event to me, it definitely means a lot for us Europeans. We gave feedback and expressed our concerns about a lack of RDC EU last year, shouldn’t you have taken it seriously? I’m not the sort of guy that likes to complain nor “rant” about things, but you as a company claim to be more international and global than ever but in reality you just go less global when it comes to events. That’s what I call double standards.


At last, a new Venue. I knew RDC was getting bigger and worried about that small space! I haven’t been to an RDC before but if possible I plan on this being the first!


I’m super excited! Cant wait nwn


YES! Can’t wait to see everyone at RDC this year! My only regret is that this announcement came too soon for BSlick to finish a remix of “RDC When”. I guess I can’t have everything, though!


This is very cool. Flights should be much cheaper :laughing:


Extremely excited for this opportunity again!

However I am quite sad to see that there is no RDC EU, but it’s also understandable. Last year’s EU was definitely not worth it in my opinion. It was only half a day in reality, and was just a viewing show of the actual RDC. I think this was a smart choice on Roblox’s part.

I am also curious about how waves will be working this year as last year previous attendees were guaranteed an invite on the third wave. I’m wondering if it’ll be same this year.


I would disagree; while it’s certainly valuable to introduce new members to the community, RDC is an event with limited spaces which deserve to go to people who’ve worked hard to contribute to the developer community, so it’s not unreasonable for members to be prioritised over new members.


This actually makes me sad that there is no RDC EU, hopefully you can rethink this decision while you have time.


I’m really glad that RDC 2020 is in July and not August. I do wish the event was longer though. As well, is there going to be a Friday night party like last year?