Save the Date: RDC 2023

I can’t wait to not attend this year at RDC 2023!


Yes! Finally! I’m very excited about this year’s RDC! I hope it’s as good as last year’s, and maybe even better!

See you all there!

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Already marked it on my calendar! Maybe I can get invited, but regardless, this is an exciting event!

See you developers at RDC!

Marked my calendar, can’t wait to see you guys there!

So excited! I’ve been attending since 2015, this will be my 8th RDC.

I’m happy that RDC continues to support a virtual program. Although I haven’t done much networking through the virtual event (it would probably be better in person), getting to hear about the future of the platform and learn from experienced developers has always been one of my highlights.

I’ll probably have a larger pile of potential questions for panels this year so I hope to get them in rather than wait and think of them much later. Good to know in advance so I can note them down.


Excited to see what RDC 23 brings this year.


Should give virtual attendees the option of purchasing the in person merch stuff online or sending it to them. sucked we couldn’t get anything last year in terms of physical items.


Woohoo! I’m hyped! Fingers crossed I can go!

:neutral_face: I see Roblox still hasn’t learned from the last two years, please stop putting it in September and please get rid of online. Putting it in September just reduces the amount of people that can come because of school. Online splits the RDC teams focus between two different categories of people and doesn’t allow them to put all of their effort into the stuff that counts.

Especially last year virtual felt like a waste of my time when it should have felt like an accomplishment as it was quite litterly a watch along with nothing much ontop. (no merch, no being able to ask questions, nothing) I personally wish they would just remove virtual altogether so it doesn’t feel like a disappointment to be invited and having to deal with virtual. If you want to have more people be able to see the event, just stream it to everyone, don’t give pity invites to those who can’t travel to California, its just insulting.

we didn’t get anything at all last year lol


If I’m invited, but I’m 14, am I able to go as long as I have a parent with me?


Every RDC Is better and better.

Yeah I’m aware I was there :sob:thats why I left the suggestion this time, :pray:all we can do is hope that our voices get heard

Looks amazing, i cant wait to seen it, i hope it will be better than the last year!

Why? I attend online because I can’t go in person because of school and covid, plus online is a good way for creators around the world to watch if they can’t come to the U.S


I can’t wait for RDC 2023!
To see the future of Roblox is a must! :grin:

Hopefully translators like me and many other translators will be invited this year.
Can’t wait for the RDC this year!


Excited to see, wish I could attend it, Ii’m way to far from the location.

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Unfortunately last year they changed the minimum age requirement to attend to be 16+.

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So, no RDC Europe this year either? Damn.