Saving avatars while at the max limit deletes the old outfits

Recently, the outfit limit increased to unlimited on the site. However, now when you are at 100+ oufits and save a new one, the old outfits gets deleted or is not visible.

In the example below, I save a new outfit, and then the last outfit displayed at the bottom is gone.

Expected behavior

I expect it to give a warning or not allow you to save more outfits when you are at the limit.

Edit: appears that the outfits just don’t load on website but works on app/ios/desktop app and there is not a limit to how many can be saved

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Slightly unrelated issue, but I’m unable to save my outfits to R6. They automatically default to R15 now. I’m not able to post my own thread so I’m sticking it onto this one.

Expected Behavior:
Be able to save outfit as R6, as it was possible before.

Actual Behavior:
Outfit saves as R15 despite being R6

Sounds similar to this issue, where the desktop avatar editor only displays a specific amount of purchased “characters”.

Purchasing an avatar bundle places an un-editable outfit in your inventory, so I guess this applies to user-created outfits too.

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Names need to be cleaned up too. The outfit is referred to “outfit”, “costume”, and “character” all on the same page.


I can confirm this is fixed. Thanks again for the report!

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