Saving furniture placement?

Hello everybody,
I have a question that is driving me crazy for a long time.
Basically , right now, I got a buy and placement system for houses. You can buy houses and place them down on specific slots. Everything works as intended.
The way I’m saving the houses for the player is saving the bought house as a string and if the player joins the game, it simply checks the string and copies the object which is named the string.
That’s how my system works.

Only downside is if I want the player to customise it.
I was thinking about saving the changed model but u cannot save models via datastore.
So how would I go on about saving, for example, furniture?
I just cannot get my head around it.
Keep in mind that u can buy diffrent houses, that means the position of the rooms will change.
So the furniture saves with the selected house.


Might be troublesome if upon house change, the room size is not the same. i believe you’ll need to set a simple “CleanAll” that can be activated upon House change or by the user anytime if he want to do a renovation.

For customizations, you’ll obviously have to save additional string alongside the current ones (item’s position),

I’m stating the obvious, but i don’t feels like there is a alternaltive to save specific changes on one furnitures such as custom color.

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You could rework the furniture placement system to work like EgoMoose’s, check it out here:

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Thanks, jeah, I’v looked into this but it comes with some missing features like removing furniture.
Also hard to adapt but I’ll look into it. Thanks

So I would save every furniture in a string?
This would make sense.
I could add a chair for example and save a stringvalue named the current house, example: House1 and then save more Infos about it like position.
This way it will be only for the house.
I’ll try this Methode on Monday.

I have the same exact problem but I dont really understand what you’re saying. Can you please simplify it a bit. I know im pretty dumb, sorry.

for example: How do we change the models position to the different house

you have to save the models cframe relative to the plot its on, then when youre loading you have to set its cframe relative to the new plot
These 2 solutions by Tiffblocks work the best