Say "Hello" to Display Names!

After looking in some chat setting scripts, I found this.

This could be helpful if anyone wanted display names to appear in chat.


Ok and? Literally not even mrflimflam cares about this kind of stuff. He shoudn’t get banned just because of that. It’s Roblox’s fault of not having a system where capital 'i’s are accounted for.


I do agree with this, He shouldn’t get banned cause of that. just slapped with a warning at most and a force DisplayName Reset.

But knockoff names of popular users should most definitely be registered in the system.

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I think they re-enabled DisplayNames in my area, not sure for others.
Anyways, it’s not that easy to impersonate.

In the normal Roblox Client, they just have to check the leaderboard and menu.

On the secret Roblox Beta App, they just have to check the leaderboard. You can also check the menu if the game does not have an avater changer, and look for the Username and Avatar.

Tho, new users may get tricked.

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I believe Windscribe probably has it in the US South category or something. Pretty sure you can specify with NordVPN as well (it works with American states)

Yeah, I pointed that out a while ago, ChatSettings automatically disables it. (as of June 2021, it auto enables it)

Here’s a resource for you (from December btw but this has existed since September or something):

Exactly, I am trying to tell the exact same thing to him.

I was just saying, I don’t think they’ll just not allow mrflimflam as a Display Name on accident, it must have been for purpose, so if someone would bypass the filter they should get banned or warned for it and maybe a Display Name reset if they have that.

From what I’m getting from you guys, it’s like saying someone that’s playing explicit audio in a kids game shouldn’t get warned nor banned because the kids won’t mind it.

Plus it’s just an opinion at the end of the day, like chill yall :neutral_face: .


I like this update for single player story games (for example instead of saying their username said this, we could do their display name said this.)


Yeah and one time i looked up “roblox” in players and didn’t even see the official account at all

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I like it! However, it slows down moderation.

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Too bad my real name, Verne, is considered ‘obscene’ by the filter :roll_eyes:


I don’t see why people are so mad at this. If you try to impersonate users they can still check your username to see if you are actually the person you are impersonating. Many people view this as a free username change but it’s not like that at all


Alright, EVERYONE! We’ve done it!!! We have officially come across our SECOND MrFlimFlam In-game Encounter. As seeing the last user was partially attacked and this user is a user on the forums I’m blurring out his name but not his avatar :eyes:


lol a headless owner impersonating a builder

I can’t change my display name yet. Is it still in beta? I ask this because I see others firsthand with display names and even some friends that are close to my location.

You have to have a VPN to access them. If you have one, set it to Germany, then boom, display name.


Actually, I’d like to contribute my feedback for Display names, first of all, it’s great that Display names are installed so users could finally get proper usernames instead of their default usernames that are normally got because of the reason “This username is taken”.
However, I’d like to post the risk of this, you see there are numerous rule breakers around the Roblox Platform, and having Display names is like hiding them from their true username and from getting moderated if reported.

How did I say this?
Example 1: An exploiter is in-game, uses the display name to cover up their true username, now normally to report an exploiter via, they’d normally ask you for evidence, e.g. YouTube video link for proof that this user is exploiting. You typed in their real username, via support, however when support reviews the video, they see the display name and they never saw the real username, now this would cause a confusion because it isn’t verified if this is really the user who exploited because their true username is hidden by their username.

Example 2: Another risk of display names is impersonation, for example what if somebody has a grudge against me, let’s also say they take my username as their display name, they take a video, either humiliating or breaking the rules and say they post it in social media, now their true username is hidden and the display name is only shown, now this would also be another risk because if they do something really stupid and take my username as a display name to impersonate me with, they could also file a report against me, and use the video as proof, since their true username is hidden while my username is used as a display name for that user.
Their evidence could also potentially frame somebody for something they didn’t do due to the impersonation of the username via the display name.

There are many potential risks in display names, and impersonation is the key factor that brings this feature as bad. However on the other hand, it is still beneficial for some users to have this, so that they could no longer stick with username such as “Paul7899” to just “Paul”.


Moderation will most likely require you to give a username too.


It’s just what I stated…

Of course in reporting you’ll have to give their username, however for reports that require proof such as moderation report for exploiters, they’ll normally require a video, and showing the display name of the exploiter in-game or rule violator, instead of their real username would be hard, because how would you prove it’s them in the first place if their display name is in display and not their real username as proof against the account of that user.