Say "Hello" to Display Names!

I’m assuming that it’s to satisfy people who are mad about old usernames being taken up by inactive accounts, but I very well could be wrong.


I don’t think so, people can still see the ACTUAL usernames, and no offense, but it’s their fault if you they believe the impostors.


It’s one property man. This won’t change anything (besides optional replacement of .Name to .DisplayName)

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Yes, one property that would cause problems if several people had set their DN to the exact same string in order to annoy moderators, administrators or developers of a game on the platform. It has serious implications and issues that needs to be addressed rapidly in order for the update to be viable at all.

I’m praying that it’s by username, which would make sense, since it seems that the usernames are going to remain unique to the person.

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Nice!!! My project had a good run :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m personally not gonna support this in my game. I’m making my player list only display the username. I don’t feel like having to search everywhere for an exploiter reported to me and have no scams reports inside the game from an idiot displaying them-self as as “KreekCraft” for example.

The huge problem is kids inside games like Adopt Me won’t understand this and will think they are in a game with a youtuber and some don’t have that logo next to there name (the nametag feature they added to show who is staff and who is an influencer). This could be really bad as they will get caught into the scammers and lose everything because they will think it is the real person and not a scammer pretending to be them.


Was this feature really necessary? This will definitely cause many impersonation issues and in a game like Roblox where there are many kids under the age of 13, it would most likely increase scamming and things of such. I could definitely see bots joining games, naming themselves Roblox or some big developer, and from there saying their spammy stuff.

Also, I assume I will need to be updating my API calls to the Roblox REST API since DisplayName is no longer a reliable thing to use, correct? (Certainly, you don’t want to have data of one user overwriting the other).

I really feel that this update is unnecessary and will cause many issues. It will for sure cause arguments between people and will make it easier for people to impersonate others. I can see where this update is positive, for instance, if you wanted to be named Batman but Batman was taken, but even then, it just is that way. I also highly disagree with encouraging developers to use Display Name as much as possible. If needed be, I would personally recreate all Roblox default UIs such as Player List and Chat in order to have the Username instead of Display Name. This is something very unnecessary and will probably cause many issues moving forward unless certain systems are put in place.

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This is a good idea but not at the same time.

Mostly because people will just be trolling around. Also this is just going to be a final nail in the coffin for some Roblox groups. Also it will chaotic as people with the same display name can troll and increase the stress on the Roblox Moderation Team. It would help in some ways but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Going in with an open mind, I hope that the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure that this will be as beneficial as it can be for everyone and not a huge disadvantage that will kill off many groups and games leaving those with good scripting knowledge standing.

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An idea, how about if you hover over a username in chat, it displays their real username and not their nickname?


Maybe this should be restricted to responsible people over 13? In my head, I can see many idiotic kids naming themselves “Mightybaseplate” and going into a Rolve game and spamming some random phishing link and getting accounts compromised. Or maybe some 9 year old naming themselves “Newfissy” and going into adopt me and scamming children. If there were restrictions this will happen a lot less and a lot less scams will happen.

This feature sounds really cool in my opinion, trust me, but there are some obvious problems with it that could be fixed quickly.


The very flawed filter system being used makes me very concerned…

Hopefully it’ll still be a great feature despite that.


If anything, I could see more people over 13 using this maliciously in order to earn a quick buck or two from unsuspecting kids. I definitely agree that this can be used very maliciously, maybe some more popular names are only given to that respective person.


I really like this feature.

However, there is a problem this feature can bring:

  • What if someone changes the name to the nickname of a famous person, eg Kreek, Denis, Flamingo?
    Such people will be able to cheat other players easily.

Isn’t it better to just allow players to change their nickname for free?

Hope you can sort this out somehow to make this feature better.

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Cool, kinda like Twitter.

I can now stop being named xbox360_gurlxx on my alt accounts and make my name something, even more, cringe without paying!


I can’t wait for this update! :grinning:

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Oh my gawd! So exciting! I love how they aren’t unique and I can actually be called ‘Official’ instead of ‘the’ Such a great new feature. Excited for the release date. Thanks ROBLOX!

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This update is pretty cool in my opinion, but as previously said multiple times:

Impersonation is an issue, I’m not sure if adding some kind of “Verified” badge would prevent some users fall for that.

Another issue I want to talk is about filtering display names, I’ve tried the API that validates a Display Name, and a random display name I tried is somehow filtered? The name I’ve used is Bisefn, something random I’ve typed, I’m pretty sure it isn’t offensive or such, here is the response from the API:

It’s weird because the Username isn’t even filtered while creating an account:

I have to mention that a lot of people will get creative here with display names or usernames, this could also be an issue if you have a weird or complex username.

Without nothing more to say, I hope both issues get fixed.


Sounds good, excited for this update to come out!

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Personally, I think the famous people or so called ‘celebrities’ would have the star creator symbol that would verify they are original.

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