Say "Hello" to Display Names!

Will people be able to have the same display name as you? I would assume yes but just making sure.
I just wonder how this is all gonna work out still.

Will game developers be able to turn this feature off for their games?

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This is why though, developers could script their own blacklist for Displaynames, I suggest they implement a built in one; or at the very least, put an example on the roblox api for the DisplayName property on how to prevent impersonation of non-Roblox blacklisted names.

It sounds absurd but when you really think about the idea of being able to on the “Configure Game” page have a tab that allows you to add “Blacklisted Displaynames” its makes a lot of sense; if someones Displayname conflicts with a blacklisted name, it defaults to their Username, simple and easy.


You mean like saying that you are impersonating and a badge appears on your name or that you don’t want to be impersonated and you put a badge in your name?

The OP states that developers can simply make player usernames remain showing instead of their display names. Something that most developers would be able to do with ease.

There really isn’t any scenario where you need to implement a custom blacklisted word that Roblox themselves hasn’t.

Absolutely not. I get enough people trying to impersonate me as it is, YOUVE JUST MADE IT EASIER FOR PEOPLE TO IMPERSONATE PEOPLE IN-GAME!


When they referred to the property of player .Display name if we use this property what will happen when two players have the same displayed? Wouldn’t it be easier to just use the Player .Name property?

The player base is mainly of the younger variety, that won’t necessarily help them if they don’t understand what they’re looking for. So if the player-base doesn’t understand that a “verified badge” means you’re the real deal then they could easily mistake countless copies as the real person.

Perhaps assigning verified users their own custom chat color or leaderboard color? There doesn’t seem to be any issues with impersonation of accelerators or interns.

The verified badge can work so long as Roblox makes it distinct enough for kids to notice.


This is a great solution, is it is impersonators are a big enough issue and pushing this update made it easier, but you have a great solution to that. I cant wait to see how roblox fixes that when there are several thousand results for someone like “Badimo” (Creator of Jailbreak)

Changing the color of the chat could interfere a lot, especially if you have a color chat gamepass, such as Welcome To Bloxburg. I prefer the verified badge.

In that same sense they’d now need to implement not only a verification badge, but now custom chat colors. That resolution would not work for something large scale, it works for staff because there are not millions of staff accounts so it’s easy to tell who is who. Young kids would not think to look who is the real guy especially if it is in-game, if they look like them and have the name then they’d take it as the real person.

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But yes there is! Think about a small game with a couple hundred players who are around the ages of 5-11. Now think about someone with malicious intent going into that game and trying to scam the vulnerable players into giving away items in exchange for a massive amount of currency because it prevents them from getting “duplicate items” or something while using the game owners Username as a Display Name. A small developer like that wouldnt be on some special roblox blacklist to protect their Username.

This is why a solution I really like by jpg_large is

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The clear thing is, I would not like to enter a game and see 10 Asimo3089 playing in it.

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Additionally what happens to the several thousand Robux people have spent to change their usernames in the past? Will this be refunded?

This kinda seems like a free username change, but it is still a good feature. Like others have stated, how do we deal with impersonation? It’s not like kids will be like “OMG OMG IT’S ACTUALLY ___, HOLD ON LET ME CHECK THEIR USERNAME REAL QUICK”, but instead they’ll say, “OMG OMG IT’S ACTUALLY ___, OMG” because you know, young kids wouldn’t really do that and check a username, they’d just be excited because they met some famous Roblox youtube or something.

Who’s to say there are 10? This works for all scenarios large and small, assuming that a server will have multiple copies is not the case here, unless there is a clear way to tell this opens up a world of bad scenarios.

If you think like roblox, the answer would be a resounding no, its name will probably remain as it is, only that it will have to divide space with the display name.

If Roblox is only have Star creators and Staff names blacklisted, other youtubers and developers could be impersonated. Someone might impersonate the creator of the game to scam.