Say "Hello" to Display Names!

I think that if it could be the case that that happens. I hope not.

Will Developers be able to say: disable having the DisplayName be a thing within the Creator Tab? Or will we have to accommodate this in our scripts?

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I believe it will be able to be disabled and configured to an extent under the StarterCharacter folder in studio

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So my game is very community based, is there anything stopping someone from impersonating either me or my co-owner and going on rampage, dragging our names through the mud? And will there be a notification to average players warning that this is a possibility?

Personally i think this would definitely be a cool feature for roblox.

This should be something like Twitch, where you can only modify how your name looks and not change it completely, this would definetely avoid scams and impersonations.

To be more specific, I’ll create an example:

My username is VinBR205, and I want to make it just Vin, then I could, as I’m just changing how my username looks, but trying to change it to something completely different from my current username shouldn’t be allowed, for example changing it to “builderman”, or adding words that doesn’t exists in your username, for example adding “_Developer” in front of your display name when there’s no “Developer” in your username.

Letting users disguise their display names as other users is bad for game management, like how would I identify and ban an exploiter from my game if their display name is completely different from their username? I would need to search for their username on the player list by looking their character? And what if the exploiter modified their character? This is very bad in my opinion.
At least there should be an option that the game creator can completely disable display names.

Could there be a way to create a script to prevent players from entering with your username? (Using it as Displayname)

Im sure there will be an indirect announcement. You could very well just let your community know through the social medias you use. You could also make a ui with a disclaimer and write about in your profile. In the end this update can be potentially good but it could end in a catastrophe, it all depends on the way roblox lays it out

So if I wanted to be called for example robloxplayer, will I only be subject to being called player? That would not be good at all.

Yes it’s very possible, but I mean its just more unnecessary work and it brings a whole bunch of issues with it. In my opinion, I don’t see a point in this update and the resources could have gone to something more needed.

Maybe. Then you should pay to change your username to something else if you wish, or just keep it as it is. The way I described is one of the best options to prevent scamming and impersonation, in my opinion.

Have roblox make a form to request getting the badge.

I would not pay to change my displayname, however personally I will keep the displayname of my username.

That would take a lot effort to do, having moderators review millions of developers to earn a badge?

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Roblox could easily implement a blacklist that prevents display names in games being shown if the name is of someone with team create access.

I think this is a very cool update! Now I can change my name without ACTUALLY changing my name which can be a useful thing since I don’t need to pay robux haha.

The only thing im worried about is people trying to impersonate famous people which can be a problem since we wouldn’t know who is who.

This is great if its handled the right way!
To prevent any imporsanation the words like roblox- other big developers names should be censored.

You have a point but this is how I see this update.


1: We can infer Roblox has been slowly adopting social media features. Why? Because Roblox is a social platform so it is only natural for them to adopt features like Display Names (they adopted the followers & following, social tabs, and probably more from social media already). This, in my opinion, is just a step towards becoming more like social media - which I think is a good move as it will not only make Roblox a more easier platform to transition to (people who have not played Roblox before will see familiarities in Roblox from twitter & other platforms that use display names, follows, ect) and it makes the platform more sociable - if companies like twitter, discord, snapchat all have the same feature where you can change your “Display Name” but still maintain a static name then there must be something golden with that feature.

2: Any kid would want to be CoolPerson not CoolPerson329858439… I would hate numbers in my username personally, so I would love this feature if I had numbers in my username (applicable for like 80% of users).


Will there be an uptrend in account comprises? Probably. However I think that this uptrend will be very short-lived AND the compromises will take place strictly on Roblox. Any impersonation compromise before has probably happened on discord, where some discord account pretended to be someone else. Can Roblox easily prove this discord account is a fake? No. Can Roblox easily prove that some impersonator on Roblox is a fake? Yes. If implemented right, the moderation for “Roblox Impersonations” should be fairly easy to handle since the impersonation happened on their platform thus checking if it is actually an impersonator will be trivial.

Worst case scenario is that it will just be as bad as other platform impersonations. Which is very feasible. What then? I say most solutions regarding “account compromising” have just been spreading the knowledge that the hack exists. 99% of hacks on Roblox are social, not technical thus it will general require a social solution, not a technical one. Currently there are a few ways to get your account hacked and I think all those ways would be a better way to hack someone then to impersonate someone - just my take though.

Either way what I said was literally just a worst case scenario - like I’d imagine any regular person would be able to comprehend what a display name is. I think it is stupid for there to be so many complaints about impersonations.


Amazing update!

I can’t wait to start impersonating my favourite developers and Roblox staff, this will help me make money so much faster and easier.


Can multiple people have the same Display Name?