Say "Hello" to Display Names!

They don’t state otherwise so probably.

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I know right! I can’t wait to see “Roblox” joining my game!!!

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Star creators’ usernames should be unavailable to make your username.

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But they’re allowing unicode so it could easily be bypassed.

I’m worried about impersonation, since I just saw an Adopt me log in scam where the username was something like “NewFissy04z”. So for those scam bots to be able to have a display name of “NewFissy” the same as the actual developer then issues will begin to arise.

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Yes! They will be showing on the devforum to reflect your username + DisplayName. :slightly_smiling_face:


In all seriousness how am I supposed to moderate exploiters in my games/groups?

I administrate several active games with thousands of concurrent players (Broken Bones IV, Ghost Simulator), and in order for a ban to be “valid” recorded proof must be available of them breaking the rules.

What if I record someone breaking the rules with the username “HotGirl123” while their display name is of an innocent player, what am I supposed to do? Rule breakers usually don’t stick around long enough for me to figure what they’re wearing, much less figure out what their actual username is so I can get their IDs and ban them.


Does this update have full unicode support? Can I become, I don’t know, hypothetically, “:flushed:Chungus_Sus :flushed: ?”

I highly doubt that’d be an issue for the actual adopt me game. If your worried about users copying your name with the display name you can use this sliver of code (Edits will need to be made) and you can prevent users from using that display name when joining your game.

local NoNoNames = {"NewFissy", "Leak"} -- You can pretty much get the rest of the idea.

    local Name = tostring(Player.DisplayName:lower())
    for i, Check in pairs(NoNoNames) do
        if Name:find(Check) then
            Player:Kick("Most of your reason here \n Detected Name \n"..Check)
            print("nothing found sir :)")

If something from the table is detected in the users display name then it will kick them and tell them which part caught the error


They’ll probably make a setting to disable it, If not you could probably make a script to disable it manually.

That’s saying basically any game that wants their playerbase or moderators to report and ban exploiters need to have it disabled, which is the majority of Roblox games.


YES!!! OH MY GOD. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS, ever since it was leaked I loved this. I LOVE THIS. It’s a huge pain in the booty for anyone who got unlucky and made an alt account with the username they wanted like me, on which support can’t do anything. Or just the stupid old accounts with the username you wanted but were claimed. Like how I wanted to have my display name as LucasMZ, but there’s an inactive account with that, and LucasMZReal on which I made an alt account on for No reason. I never ended up getting the Robux to change my username, but I wish I did. Thank you Roblox!

Are display names gonna be a thing for the DevForum?

I find it likely that Roblox would publish a guide for how to block certain display names from being shown as someone’s name. Or, more likely, the community would make their own script to deal with the issue. The Adopt Me! team would be very aware of how the scam would work, so they would remove a whole slew of famous Adopt Me! player’s names from showing up as a display name.

Nope. It has the same laws as normal usernames, except multiple people can have it.

Does this not cover it enough? (Sorry if this sounds sarcastic I’m not sure how to phrase this lol also if you want to continue this conversation further please message me)

Maybe it’ll be disabled and has to be enabled by the game? There’s multiple ways they could roll this update out and not many would be good.

You asked it… I just answered you.

Eh, Display Names will be allowed to use unicode which you can’t in regular names.

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@SillyMeTimbers @mebigrouxboy
That’s an in-game issue, what I was referring to was people creating games in their name. [example]
Because imagine seeing “Newfissy” as the game’s creator tag, it just seems too easy to do this…

The display names are actually ready to use in roblox?