Say "Hello" to Display Names!

I have a feeling a lot of developers are going to do something like this now:

local PlayerService = game:GetService("Players")
local CreatorName = PlayerService:GetNameFromUserIdAsync(game.CreatorId)

	if player.DisplayName:lower() == CreatorName:lower() then
		player:Kick("Sorry, but your Display Name cannot be the game creator's username!")

I really hope this can be toggled on a per-game basis to prevent impersonation issues.


I’m excited for this update. With so many new accounts in Roblox and so many usernames being taken, it’s becoming quite difficult to have a name that you want. I do share the apprehension of potential misuse, but I don’t believe it’ll be as big an issue as people might think. Wherever there’s space, plaster the username next to the display name in slightly darker text just like Twitter.


No, They stated it in the announcement.


Can be bypassed with unicode ;p

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My look on this, is that Display Names should be like changing your regular name where you’re allowed to change your name to ONLY an unused name, I also feel that they should enforce the user to change their display name every 2 weeks unless buying the name they have used as their display name.

This will mean people can have their name as whatever they want without spending the robux, but also preventing people from changing certain things; who might have to implement little features to stop identity fraud.

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Yea I am aware, but at least it will prevent those who didn’t bother going the extra mile to include unicode lol

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Cool idea in theory, however as multiple posts mentioned, there is a serious risk of Impersonation with this coming update. Also personally I just don’t really like the idea at all.

As much as I would love to see myself as “Largo” in game, I personally don’t like this.

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Opt-out feature before this goes live please. I know it’s been asked a couple of times in this thread but it’s imperative that this point be made abundantly clear.

As a Roblox developer, there are circumstances where I want to take control of DisplayName without using a custom nametag implementation. In gameplay where names are critical (Murder Mystery type games) or have thematic value (roleplay games), I want to change character names myself over applying a user-defined name. In cases where in-game name changes are an exclusive paid feature, I want usernames locked to their unique name unless they’ve unlocked the name change feature. There may be a game where my creative vision rejects custom display names and I want that respected.

DisplayName absolutely sounds great and like a way to better express yourself (I can now just be “Colb(ert)” because that’s basically become my brand and what everyone knows me by), but as the top post mentions the UX for this doesn’t seem clear and from a developer-facing perspective there’s no toggle APIs that were added it seems. There are still a lot of cases wherein I want players using their globally unique identifier, not a custom name.

Please be sure to make an option a priority before complete roll-out. Thank you.


Nah, it isn’t. It should be longer because people can just change their names constantly and avoid accountability for their actions.

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all it takes is a quick google search tho ;-;

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Oh yay! I’ve been waiting a while for this. I’m a bit worried about impersonation, but overall I think it’s worthit!

I want to quote some posts that hold good points:

Agreed. The point of this is pretty much to get creative with your username, without having to follow all the username rules. I personally dislike adding emojis, and can understand the 3-20 char limit, but why not add special characters, like spaces periods hyphens, etc. and also not make so much apply (like the rules with underscores). However, this isn’t entirely cleared, as @M_caw showed in his post, notes say unicode characters could be allowed?

Yes. A large concern with this is user impersonation. Knowing that not everyone wears an uncopyable or extremely expensive avatar, then take NewFissy for example. Someone will dress as NewFissy, go into Adopt Me, and promise some little kid something. I don’t agree with applying that you can’t use taken usernames as that kind of defeats the purpose of this, however display names copying the name (or trying to make it similar to) of star creators, big developers, and Roblox admins should be prohibited and not allowed, to prevent impersonation.

At the end of the day, as with every update on every platform, it has it’s concerns, but this one goes in the book as a pretty good update (if it is fixed to the above criteria).


So all that Robux I spent not having people insult me for having a stupid display name was for nothing?

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Personally, I find this to be a terrible idea.

No offense, but when this update rolls out, thousands of players who are unaware will be scammed. I’m not saying they might, they simply will. Besides, the whole idea will really hurt the Name Sniping community, with everybody walking around with simple names like “Bob” or “Sam.”

I’m not a fan.


This dose pose a huge risk. People can get scammed on the platform if someone names themselves “Builderman” and asks for someone’s password. Also impersonation, if I get famous on the platform I don’t want people to pretend they are me.

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Will the character restrictions for Display Names be the same with how we do our current usernames?
For example, are we allowed to add spaces and dots to our display names?

No, we can add periods, spaces, etc. A bit ridiculous in my opinion, emoji spam usernames will make me feel like a 12 year old on SnapChat.

Yeah uh you ever heard of a little something called impersonation?

Wow, this is amazing, with this feature i can just call myself “blue” or another name that i like, just a question, we can change the display name after creating one?

Also, i am ready to a lot of [rp name here]/half cat/half wolf/half dragon/depressed/dead/god/demon/rich/pro/ people


Exactly. Roblox only thinks about the major audience (which at times is fine) but the name sniping community will be absolutely SNIPED by this update. That isn’t a good thing.

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As cool as I find this feature, I find it a tad bit pointless. I find that display names aren’t exactly the most necessary feature on this platform, and I think that you guys should probably be prioritizing other stuff. Regardless, I am going to be looking forward to this feature, but I implore you guys to at least try to do much more pressing matters on Roblox rather than cosmetic stuff such as this.

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