Scale ScrollingFrame children based on Size (not CanvasSize)

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to scale elements in a ScrollingFrame based on the Size of the ScrollingFrame.

If this issue is addressed, it would allow developers to have more control over how the contents of a ScrollingFrame appears across different screen sizes.

An example of how this would be useful is if I wanted only 4 elements to be visible at a time in a ScrollingFrame. Currently, to do this you would have to use a script to calculate a quarter of the ScrollingFrame’s AbsoluteSize in pixels and then assign that size to each element. For experienced scripters, this isn’t very hard to do; however, when it comes to UI designers or people less experienced with scripting, this is an extremely hard task for functionality that would be expected.

If this feature were to be implemented, developers would simply have to set the Y scale size of the children to 0.25. This is much more elegant and lets us keep our code cleaner.