Scam Messages in Chat

About 10 days ago, Roblox disabled /me by default in order to

remove bad actors from the platform.

I’m not sure if this failed miserably… or failed miserably but the previously inconspicuous /me messages that showed up albeit in a easy to ignore way. That is no longer the case. These messages now appear in the main chat, under the bots name, they stay in game for less than a second making it impossible to report them unless you copy their username down to do so later from the bot’s profile page. This isn’t really a problem.

Except that it is. I’m playing a game. I don’t want to stop playing my game in order to copy down some bots username that appears every 5 minutes to go and report these different profiles.

Something needs to be done. Quite clearly the course of action Roblox decided to take simply made the situation worst.

If Roblox is able to properly address this issue, players will again be able to be safe in chat, and enjoy their time without having to be annoyed by the hundreds of bots that appear every 5 minutes to talk about some scam site.

If you’d like to experience this first hand yourself to reproduce this problem, Check out

And just give it about 5 to 10 minutes.


I have been witnessing the same thing for quite a while. Disabling /me by default is clearly not a solution nor a bandaid as other methods were left untouched to prevent scams, but the main point of disabling the /me was actually to:

I’m not saying Roblox isn’t doing anything to solve the issue, but another issue as mentioned is listing down scammer usernames, although I do not do this, what I actually do is report them from the default roblox player list(if accessible) and report them from there, however the player list is sometimes unresponsive(might make a bug report about this).


The worst solution I could think of is a complete wipe of the cookies from all users before a set date. However, this doesn’t solve it because of the caveats being too severe to the community and there might be people with botnets saving their cookies elsewhere than their browser.

Attempting to fix some problems with bad actors turns into a bandaid solution, because they somehow always find a workaround, especially puppetmasters who can control a botnet. Therefore, banning them would be temporarily(?) until they use alts.

Edit: They can evade bans through alts not linked to the same email and by switching IP(dynamic IP). Ban one, they’ll pop right back up on an alt account.