Scars Of War: Shattered Honor Devlog#2

Hey guys I’m back again with entry 2 of my FPS story game and a name to the game “Scars Of War”. Last time I was just setting up the basic systems and enemy AI so I wanted to make the game feel more immersive so I added some lighting and a health bar UI and it looks pretty decent. One thing I really wanted to add to this dev log are the type of guns I will be using, I’ve purchased a for the AE premium version but they haven’t replied me yet(hope they didn’t scam me) so I’ll probably add all the guns I’ll be using in the next dev log. Yh I know this dev log has less interesting content than the first one but I’ll try to improve on the content in my next dev log. For now here’s a pictures of what the UI and lighting looks like

Also I would like to know what you guys think about the dev log and what guns should be added to the game. It’s a story game so I want to focus more on the story so I’ll probably limit it to around 10-15. I’ll also start working more on the environment e.g terrain and more core aspects of the game. Till next time.

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Hey guys I really need your thoughts and ideas on this game to help bring out its full its potential it really helps and motivates me make more logs on the game