[SCENE] Abandoned Gas Station!

This is my first creation of a gas station scene, i was inspired by other developers on how they use lightning which made their creation outstanding!
Give me some feedback and also what are your thoughts about this :smiley:

Abandoned Gas Station

I’m still learning and also trying to make my lightning better :grin:

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:


This looks great, the lighting is great, and it really set the scene

But here’s one thing that stood out to me:

  • Considering this is an Abandoned Gas Station, as there’s is a rusted vehicle, you should also add some corroded metal of a sort onto the gas station it self, or a rusty visual look to the build. As it is abandoned, and everything looks smooth.

Besides that, as I said, looks really amazing, and the lighting and terrain really stands out to give the build an incredible feeling of a deserted, abandoned area! :slight_smile:


Very nice scene, give me the feeling of a zombie apocalypse / what would happen if all humanity were wiped out.


Really good, love the lighting and environment! :+1:

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It looks great but one thing is that the station itself doesn’t look abandoned. You should add rust and make parts of it fall apart and it’d be even better!


Looks amazing, as if straight out from a game trailer. Are you planning on making a fullscale game off of that?

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I love it! It looks soooooo good! It’s really really good. Keep up the good work! :ok_hand:

Thank you for your feedback and yes i’m planning on adding more detail and also some more rust to make it go with the atmosphere :grin:


I don’t think so, i just made it for fun and to test out the lightning, anyways thanks for your feedback :smile:

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This looks really, nice the lighting and the rusty car you added into, your scene makes it feel like that Abandoned Gas Station have been there for a while. However since your going for a abandoned look i would suggest you, either add some rusty looks to the gas station! As it seems you only have the car all rusty which looks, nice but i do think there should be some other kind of parts pieces on the floor. And on the building itself if you look at any kind! Of other abandoned house,

store, shop, ect. You will most likely see rusty gas pumps or cracked. Broken windows added to the building or on the floor part but! Since your still learning and working on your, lighting you have a wonderful piece here i can say you. Have done a amazing job but i would just recommend you add the final details to the place, only if you plan on implementing those, kind of details to your scene i know it will look really good overall those. Are just some of my suggestions you could try adding! To your scene just to give it that abandoned look or try adding some broken windows and rusty gas pumps with parts in the sand you could try adding something like that if you plan to.

Anyways the lighting and details you added to your, scene really looks nice i really like i do plan on seeing, what other kind of scenes your going. To be working on from time to time overall you really have that abandoned, look it just needs the final details! So it could look more better overall nicely done on your creation i think you have done, a great job on your lighting keep learning new things.


Hello @Ni_ite! Thos is an amazing start! I have some suggestions!:

• Text on the gas station. You could probably make a falling off sign and make it rusted somewhere around here:


• Environment. I really don’t see that much decoration, maybe add cactus and/or snakes and dust particles on the air. I personally suggest to look at reference images.

But this is an amazing, 100%, 10/10 start! Not to sound like your parents or anything, put you have a lot of great potential!! Keep up the great building!

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The lighting is a bit intense.

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I will make sure to add more detail and thank you for your suggestions :grinning:


I love it, but don’t try to add a lot of lens flare, It’s the best to use it a bit to give a scenery vibe.

This looks great! Had one tip though, which makes builds stand out even more: Use custom textures. An example would be Artblox / tryler2’s builds, he makes great use of textures which makes his builds stand out.

really nice! you should make some more stuff around it tho.

Yeah i am going to try to use some textures to make the scene better :smile:


I will make sure to add more stuff around it, i got some few ideas :smiley:


ok, i got some stuff u should add. As first an logo/title for the gas station and some more props!

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I love the details you’ve put on it! As @ScytheSlayin mentioned, it would look great with text on the sign!
I also think that the post-lighting is nice, I know you mentioned that you were trying to make the lighting better, I’m just saying I couldn’t even pull that off, it blends the building with the environment! If I was to add anything to that maybe shrubs and a slight-dark haze over the horizon (kind of like a sand storm but nowhere as dramatic), I think that would add a lot of contrast with the lighting!

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