Sci-Fi Fun: Cloaking Field

Blablabla next gen stuff:

Me being cloaked with other players (and a part) in range:

GuestOfChaos being the center with me in range:

Same as above, but I walked a bit further down:

Pretty nice.
Started of with cloaking a ship (also there in SB).
Could be a fun mechanic for space games and other stuff.

Note: Currently I make make cloaked people (if you’re cloaked too) half transparent.
I could easily make them non-transparent, as you would expect with a "real "cloaking field.

EDIT: Oh how do I love this field:


Do other people outside the field see it as fully transparent?

In the third picture you “see” GuestOfChaos and some parts, but they are indeed 100% transparent.

So it makes other parts invisible when you walk near them, nice :slightly_smiling:

Could you post a video of this? :o

Eh, I’ll try?

Awesome! I wanted to make this for years! I just could never figure out a good enough way of hiding the players from each other. How do you do it?

Side effect: In first person your character is still (semi-)transparent.
If your camera clips a wall and zooms in to make your character transparent, same story.
Could easily be solved by merging the CameraScript with the cloaking one, but eh.

Looks good, reminds me of the camo I made.