Sci-Fi / SCP Hallway | Roblox Studio

Hey everyone!
This is one of my nice looking builds I made.
Inspiration from Sci-Fi genre.
Please give it your thoughts!


It looks nice! But maybe you could add some saturation and change the lighting slightly?

I don’t really know what to say. This is an amazing build!

I think that your building is really cool, but the lightning seems like the roof does not touch the wall.
Except from that I think that you have done a really good job!

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It’s really good! But, you could add some vents.

You seem to be halfway there. You should try to add more detail to the upper walls and ceiling.

Since you’re going for a more industrial theme, different pipes would work well. I would also advise placing actual lighting fixtures on the ceiling. By adding sources of light, you can play around with lighting settings to make the hallway far more dynamic and interesting.

Try experimenting with ROBLOX’s new Future lighting technology. It’s quite entertaining. Since this is an SCP game, try experiment with lower ambient values to get that darkness in there.


I will do that, thank you.
Stay tuned, as I will upload the updated version with all the suggestions.

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I have updated it with all of the suggestions!