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Adding more assets from the suggestions! Sci-Fi / SCP Hallway | Roblox Studio:

Hey there!
I have added more pipe decoration, lighting, and worked on the fog.
Please give it your thoughts!


I have removed the fog, I like the way it looks now.

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You may want to have the light on top actually casting light to the floor.

I am fixing that right now, thank you for noticing it.

The walls sort of look a bit empty, I would add a smaller pipe going along the wall.

Sure, I will try that and see how it looks!

It gets extremely repetitive looking at this. Try adding assets such as potted plants, racks, shelves, etc. to make the scene a bit more lively.

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I mentioned you should add lighting - Iā€™m seeing no point lights or surface lights here.

Use future lighting it will help a lot.

I agree with @Musketfall here, it really does look repetitive. I think the problem lies in the textures that you used. It is consistent throughout. Adding grime-y textures here and there, and rust on the pipes, and putting cracks in the walls/floors help to make it more realistic and less monotonous.