SCP E-11 GFX Feedback

Hi, I’m recently been practicing with making GFX’s yesterday morning I started working on this one. Today I have finally finished the GFX and I think its pretty good considering its my first GFX (this is just my opinion). If possible could I have some feed back on it? If anyone is wondering the guy is an E-11 Mobile Task Force member.


Looks nice, I would work on how he’s holding the gun and the lighting.

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I love games that have an animated and graphic style like unturned :stuck_out_tongue:

The lighting looks incredibly bland. Slapping an HDRi on is not lighting. Study some lighting techniques.
The HDRi is incredibly obvious and detracts from the scene too.
Also the composition is unbalanced and the materials are not pbr.
Sorry if I sounded harsh, this is some constructive advice that can hopefully help you in the future!


Would some point lights help it, and I tried to find some better HDRI’s but I couldn’t find anyone that really fit what I was looking for.

I would reccomend watching a few yt videos on lighting techniques, 3 point lighting and all. I also reccomend putting your characteer in an environment instead of them just standing there.
I made a guide that can help you if you are interested.

Thank you for your feed back, how would I put a environment though?

I would probably model some terrain to hide most of the hdri and set the material of it to an image, and set that image to a grass photo. Then with a little uv editing and different uv projections, that should deal with the hdri

Ahh so like model some trees then add an image of some realistic grass?

3d model a background or something. Also you can import a world machine model for terrain.

Ok thank you, how would I import a world machine model?

The legs look a bit too close together. Maybe edit the way he’s standing?

follow some tutorials on how to generate terrain using this tool. Then search up how to import it into blender.

also make a little pose for the guy and make the gun bigger.Hope this helps!

  • The gun model looks very “out of shape”.

  • The character is just standing in the middle of nowhere.

  • Lighting in general is bad. The lighting on the bottom half of the legs are especially bad.

    I give this a 3/10. Hope this helps :wink:

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Thank you all for your help, I think I fixed the lighting problem a bit. And I also added some trees and made some grass in the background.

Did you use world machine?
Also those trees don’t look very good, they look like they were from roblox.
swap out the hdri for this “kloppenhim_2.hdr” from hdrihaven too. Download the 4k format.

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work on the lighting (use an hdri form
also, render in a background like trees and grass etc.
it could use some improvement, 4/10

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They did use an hdri from there. In fact, I recognize “dikholo night” hdri.

ok, well i suggest for him to use an hdri that is a bit brighter