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Secure Containment Facilities | Code of Ethics

The following Code of Ethics is a summative set of rules all Foundation Personnel, regardless of Clearance or Departmental Affiliation must abide by. The Code of Ethics is drafted, edited and agreed upon by the Ethics Committee, and is subject to change on or on a regular basis.

Strike Severity

Strikes will be classified and recorded based on severity of the action, as on the basis of repeated offenses.

-Minor Strikes will not carry any significance on their own. However, should such strikes be repeated, they are subject to grounds for punishments including but not limited to blacklisting from departments or high ranking positions, as well as potential demotion.

-Mediocre Strikes can and will result in blacklist from certain departments, as well as potential exilement from your current departments. If repetition is observed, temporary suspension or other methods of punishment are warranted.

-Major Strikes can and will result in suspension with a minimum of One Week, but may be extended should the strike be more severe. Exilement or suspension from departments is near certain, and further progression post-suspension will be notably more difficult.

Section A : Uniform and Communications

  • Code A1 : On-Site Maturity is mandatory. While jokes may be tolerated every now and then, such is to be kept to a minimum.

  • Code A2 : English is the only language permitted to be spoken whilst On-Site. Failure to speak English in all but whisper will be handled accordingly.

  • Code A3 : Tying in with code A1, no faces are permitted on-site. [=D, :>, etc]

  • Code A4 : Slandering or otherwise talking down to other departments, regardless of the circumstances is unacceptable.

  • Code A5 : Bypassing the ROBLOX filter through any means or methods is not permitted.

  • Code A6 : You are to always wear the uniform of your designated team On-Site unless otherwise stated by your department directorate. You may not wear any additional packages whilst on-site, and you may only utilize natural skin colors.

  • Code B5 : Arguments or other debates are perfectly acceptable on-site, should restraint be exercised as to not take such arguments or debates too far.

  • Code B6 : While on-site, all personnel are prohibited from using faces, regardless of the circumstance.

  • Code C1 : Should any member of the Ethics Committee deem an action unethical, that action is to be halted, regardless of the action itself. Should any Ethics Committee agent be observed abusing this privilege, they are to be reported to the Head of Ethics with sufficient evidence of such abuse.

  • Code C2 : Agents of the Ethics Committee do not possess the ability to order or control others. They are simply granted the privilege of judging actions ethical or otherwise. Should any agent be observed ordering any individual, such is to be reported to the Head of Ethics with sufficient evidence of the action.

  • Code D1 : All Foundation personnel are expected to show some sense of respect towards other personnel, regardless of rank or standing.

  • Code D2 : All personnel of the Foundation are advised to use common sense in pertains to discerning anything not specifically listed on the Code of Ethics Ethical or Unethical. Not every action that the Foundation considers unethical can be listed on the Code of Ethics.

  • Code E1 : Admin Commands, whether gained through VIP or not, are to be used in moderation and at the appropriate times. Under no circumstance will such abuse of these privileges be allowed.

  • Code E2 : Departments entrusted with certain tools are expected to use them appropriately. Tool abuse of any tools gained through a department will not be tolerated.

  • Code F1 : All personnel below the Overseer’s Council are to wear the uniform pertaining to their team or Department. While Overseers are permitted to wear their own uniform of sorts, they may not be outrageous with accessories or outfit.

  • Code F2 : All personnel are prohibited from wearing packages on-site.


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