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Department Classification & General Permissions

Within the Foundation, there are several departments. These departments serve to set the boundaries of duty, and generally discern between one’s contribution to the Foundation, and how such individuals henceforth have decided to make their mark with their career in the Foundation.

This in mind, all departments are not made equal. Each department is separated and organized on the basis of the duties pertaining to it and thus there are restrictions on just how many of such departments you can be in.

In pertains to membership of primary departments, one individual is only be allowed to be within one at a time. However, with secondary departments, one may reside in two alongside their single primary department. Tertiary departments however, have no restrictions placed upon them, and may be joined freely and without limit.

Primary Departments

Internal Department of the Mobile Task Forces
Internal Department of General Security
Intelligence Command Agency’s Arms Division

Secondary Departments

Internal Department of General Sciences
Internal Department of Medical Practices
Internal Department of the Ethics Committee
Internal Department of Site Engineering & Technical Services

Tertiary Departments

Internal Department of Administration
Internal Department of Manufacturing
Intelligence Command Agency
External Department of General Affairs

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