SCPF Door design and creations

Hello! I’m MasterArchitech (Originally known as Mcxgamecaster_YT) I currently working on an SCPF project. I’ve done few doors, and I’d like you guys to give some feedback on it.

Here you go!


The variety of door types look interesting with their proper materials and important details, have you considered changing the security option up? I’m curious, they are keycard slots on the large door and smaller versions.

One thing you could probably add is like pipes or wires around the door border connecting on the frame in order to activate the security option, the bolts and little details are quite not bad have you tried adding bolts around the door frame or on the door itself as it may something like that could possibly improve it. Other than that, I feel like not much feedback needs to be provided on your variety of door designs they look simple and well design.

I do feel like you could experiment with adding little details if their ever needed; otherwise good use of using different formation shapes placed within the door if you need little ideas you could always search reference images. :slightly_smiling_face:


You must have alot of skill since you built these amazing doors. I love them!