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The following contains templates for level applications. Please copy and complete them, then send them to executive staff (Level 4 and Level 5) personnel via Roblox private messaging, the Discord communications channel (#level_applications channel) or the application panel located on-site.

Remember to use proper grammar and spelling so the application is legible. The determining factor is the content you put into it however, not the grammar itself.

Do not use any kind of language that you would not use on the Roblox website for your application if you are applying through Discord.

Steps to Apply

  1. Find the appropriate application for the level you are applying for below.
  2. Click the arrow or “View” text below the application’s heading. Copy the new text that appears.
  3. Paste the application on the Discord or DMs of an executive. Complete the application and submit it.
  4. Allow time before your application is accepted.

Level 0 Application
Send to: Level - 4


1: State why you would like to join the SCP Foundation.

2: How did you come to know about SCPF?

3: What interests you about the genre?

Level 1 Application
Send to: Level - 4


1: What do you know so far about the Foundation? What is an SCP?

2: State what division you want to join (please be realistic) and why.

3: How would level-1 clearance be to your benefit?

(BONUS): What’s your favorite SCP?

Level 2 Application
Send to: Level - 5


1: What makes you want to apply for level 2 clearance?

2: Have you joined any divisions? Is so, explain what division and your current role. If not, explain why you have not found a division yet.

3: The slang term for “SCPs” is pronounced “scips” or “skips”. Please explain four of the recent skips that you encountered.

Level 3 Application
Send to: Level - 5


1: Describe the division(s) you are in as well as the role and responsibilities you have within each division.

2: How will having level 3 clearance increase your activity in the Foundation?

3: Elaborate on the lore of the Foundation.

4: What is SCP-3000?

5: Name 3 personnel (could have any level clearance) that believe you are qualified for Level-3.