Script Editor & Command Bar Improvements!

Me, who is crazy: Why is there no end at the end of the function?

Ok anyways, two (wait, THREE?) announcements in less than 12 hours? Wow. Keep up the great work on the script editor! This really helps with scripting.

This. Is. Epic. Maybe some quick Vector3 values later?

Btw I gave the hundredth like not to brag, just a fact


I don’t have any vision problems, so I’m hardly an authority, but Microsoft has a high contrast theme built into VSCode that you might be able to borrow colors from. It looks like this:

It highlights local differently from the other keywords because of how it’s scoped (it’s a storage modifier according to VSCode) but that’s probably not necessary for Roblox.

There are also high contrast variants of Monokai that you could use.


Wow, in terms of picking a specific colour, this is really ideal! Thank you so much! Now I can select colours without switching tabs between my place and the script I am working on


I love this, but please :sob: allow us to define high-lightable words/delimiters and have access to that functionality through plugins
…I might need that at some point soon
It would be lovely to be able to have plugin-access to core script-editor functionalities. I think lots of mainly API-focused developers would consider it a godsend.


Will we ever get a feature to quickly share script color themes, without having to change them all manually? Perhaps copy/paste color sharing?


I noticed the color picker a few weeks back and was in love with it, it made it so nice and easy to pick and visualize colors.

Then on top of that, last night I tried to program something in the command bar and saw the color. The look on my face.

Thank you guys for this amazing update, let’s see where this goes and what other amazing things you add to the script editor!


Will we ever be able to import our own Text fonts? That’d be really cool.


Was there any bug fixes for the script editor? Lots of people have been experiencing extreme lag whenever using the script editor and the only way to stop the lag is to drag the script editor out of the main Roblox window.


Not sure when this started happening, but non-closed functions and “if” statements are no longer being properly linted within the editor unless the last line of code in the script is empty. The Script Analysis window still catches the issue, but the red underscores within the editor are not present. Considering this update focused on the Studio Script Editor, I suspect this issue could be related to the update.

Problem Details:

The PlayerAdded function in the following code is not closed properly. Yet, if there is anything on the last line of the script (there is a tab in this case), Studio does not lint the issue correctly.

If the last line is empty, this issue is linted correctly:

Here is a place file which contains two scripts that show this behavior. The scripts are located in ServerScriptService:
LintingIssue_201009.rbxl (20.7 KB)

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I was criticizing the Editor and now I retract myself. THANK YOU! Now looks better, I do noticed some deprecated Globals are getting highlighted and they weren’t before.


I don’t know about anyone else but there was a bug where the little color picker appeared on the lines side of the script editor. Also, for a while, the command bar was syntax highlighting.

Still leaves me to wonder when we get this feature in text boxes.

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Something that I’ve just noticed and is starting to bother me is that now when you focus on a word (without selecting) it highlights all other words with the same name, usually this is done when you select the word manually by double clicking. After checking out 2 industry level IDEs, they either don’t do this or keep the words selected when they are highlighted. Could this please be reconsidered.

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I use VSCode and it does that. What IDEs did you check?


I checked VSCode, that’s why I included

they keep the words highlighted even when you double click the selected word. The other IDE was Sublime Text.

For those that can’t seem to understand.



This was only changed with this update, previously it would highlight the other terms.



I’d love an option for this, but a workaround is to set the “Matching Word Background Color” to be the same as your “Background Color” in the studio editor colors and you won’t see it anymore

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this is cool

is it normal that i lag though

self and continue aren’t keywords

  • continue is not a keyword in Luau because it would break some old scripts
  • self is not a keyword. It’s just a local variable pointing to a table

As an admin did reply with, these are being added as their own customisation option in a future update, as seen here

continue was added to Luau and has been available for over half a year. You may read more about its addition to Luau in the following post:

As for self, it is a keyword that is built into Lua; and it assumes as you’ve mentioned the first argument of a function call to a method, usually a table. The term keyword does not necessarily mean that the word cannot be overridden, but the fact that it is a word used to access a variable handled by the language. As such the term keyword is appropriate.


Albeit it is very buggy.

For example, try the following code:

local color = a and,1,1) or,0,0)

Using the color picker can result it to bug like this:

local color = a and,0.5,0.5) -- Where is the other color3??

Otherwise, awesome update. Thank you.

Yes they are.

local module = {}

module.Function = function() return end

function module:Thing()
	self.Function() -- No error, highlighted

while wait() do
	continue -- No error