Script Editor & Command Bar Improvements!

Hi Developers!

We’re super excited to introduce a new set of Script Editor and Command Bar improvements! The biggest part of this change is customizable and accurate syntax highlighting to improve your
development experience.

Advanced Syntax Highlighting :rainbow:

  • Introducing Color Presets! Presets help customize your theme to look like other popular color schemes. You can even make your own color scheme by using the “Custom” preset.
    To access this feature go to Studio Settings > Studio > Script Editor > Script Editor Color Presets.
    The default theme is the existing Roblox Color Scheme.
  • In the future we’re going to add Semantic Highlighting and make the categories more granular and customizable so stay tuned!

Additional Script Editor Improvements :open_book:

  • More accurate syntax highlighting for number literals and multi-line comments/strings

  • Ability to set breakpoints on any line that contains executable code (even for lines that begin with a string or a comments

  • Color picker that can help you choose RGB and HSV values directly in the Script Editor! (awesome gif below)

Command Bar Improvements :computer:

Some of the noticeable changes in the command bar include:

  • Support for the same syntax highlighting as the Script Editor
  • Supporting autocomplete suggestions similar to the Script Editor
  • Auto-closing quotes, parentheses and brackets
  • Auto-complete will no longer suggest commands you’ve previously typed but you can still access them using the up and down arrows!
  • Tons of bug fixes such as pressing Ctrl+Z after accepting an autocomplete suggestion

These awesome updates are brought to you by @cruiser_forever @PaintedGardener @windy0724 @grant_xp @1ceF1y @swmaniac


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Well this is poggers.

Something related that would be awesome is a way to enter non-RGB values in and for the script editor to automatically convert that to RGB. Take for example, CMYK.

Amazing update!


For anyone curious, here’s the actual values for the two new theme colors:
(The main post already has images of what they look like in editor, but I thought I’d post the values here.)


Are there any plans for a high contrast theme to be added by default?


Amazing update, but several things:

Plugin presets

Will plugins be able to create color presets? It would be nice to have especially for the Script Editor Theme plugin. To control the power, there can be a permission box with “Yes” and “No” options each time the plugin tries to add a preset.

Larger command bar

I’d love for the command bar to be made a bit larger. Even better, let us adjust the vertical size of it and scale the text along with it. I’ve always found it to be very small.

Number scrubber

A number scrubber would also be quite nice to go along with the color picker popup. When you have your cursor on a number, the number scrubber at the top can be dragged left to decrease, right to increase:


Of course, it should follow the scale of the number itself, for example increase 0.03 by 0.01, and increase 122 by 1 each time.

I guess, this makes more sense in the property window, but this would be great to have in scripts as well for quick experimental number manipulations and get the sense of what certain numbers actually mean.

Highlight matching with partial highlights

Here, I’d expect “Butto” to be highlighted instead of the entirety of “Button”:

This type of behavior is found in VS Code, so I thought it’d be amazing to have here as well to catch matches with any pieces of code, not just entire terms.

Thaks y’all!


Nice update and it’s a poggers update to me and a lot of scripters out there on the Roblox platform, as I find this helpful with an auto-fill in the Command Bar and syntax/filling improvements to the script itself and the RGB table for values.

It would be nice if developers could upload their own color themes for scripts and have other Roblox Developers get that Script Editor Color Preset(s) into the scripts as I find the ones we can choose from great but “lazy” to customize it myself…

You know what would be cool? A suggestion is that can we have the auto-fill/auto-complete whenever typing down a function at any time to a local variable as it is hard to type out a certain function with the : / . value on any keyword? This has been frustrating to me and other developers in Roblox Studio.



I had to stick with white theme for so long because else I’d mess up the scheme.
So happy for this to come out.


This is going to make scripting easier! especially the color wheel, no more worries about having to search for a color code when you can have a dropdown. Thank you so much, this feature was very well needed!


Ever since this update, the self and continue keywords are no longer highlighted. Otherwise, great addition and improvement to the coding experience!



Really nice updates.

However, like @TheCarbyneUniverse said, a larger command bar would be VERY nice.


This is amazing! The autocomplete command bar is just too good. However, i noticed that built in methods now don’t have a thicker outline over them like keywords do. Is this change intentional so that we may differentiate between keywords and methods easier?


I’d like to see pre-sets for color blind people, but nice update overall.


If they introduce a new set of Script Editor and Command Bar improvements, does that we can color the error line?


Such a great update! Color Presets is a nice new idea with which the user can choose which one is going to use and it even has the ability to create their own colour scheme. Also, the command bar improvements are great which makes writing the scripts inside of it a lot easier. Thanks :heart:


It would be a QoL improvement to add these back for OOP. Please. As well as being able to set font preferences for certain highlights such as the built in ones as they appear bold while I’d want this not to be.


We’ll look into this! Any suggestions?


Is there currently a setting to set the command bar background colour?

Having the colours in the command bar match the script editor is nice, but they don’t match the background colour:

So currently, the command bar is illegible! :frowning:

I use a dark background with light theme to have contrast between the two.


This is fixed internally. In future versions, the Command line will use the same background color as the script editor for exactly this reason.


Thank you for bringing this up! We’re adding customization options for those keywords as part of Semantic Highlighting in the next release!