Script editor Ctrl+F find text font color

What happens:
When searching a text in the studio script editor (on Mac), the text font color is dark and hard to read. Here is a screenshot:
Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 12.53.53
The font color for the replace text box is fine.

What should happen:
The text font color should be white (in Dark Mode)

Where it happens:
In the search box when pressing Ctrl+F
(On Mac)

When it happens: Always

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Oh, so you should check if you’ve accidentally set it to dark blue in Studio Settings. Firstly, go to File, then Studio Settings, then look through the Studio tab to see if anything is set to Dark blue with the options with colors, and if there is, check to see if it could relate to the text that’s dark blue for you, if there’s nothing there, check through Script Editor tab in Studio Settings and it’ll probably be there. That’s all I can think of right now.
Hope you find it out :slight_smile:

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I can’t find any script editor color setting relating to the find box. Also, the replace text box font color is still white.

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Bugs like this are usually caused when you switch to light mode, and back. Did you do this in your studio session?

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No, I have not changed the theme recently. And I just switched it to Light and the Dark again in the settings and it didn’t fix it

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Thanks for reporting this @nick_hz . Can you edit the post using this? How to post a Bug Report Thanks!

Ok, I updated the post. The bug report form changed recently and doesn’t ask for the specifics anymore like it used to. I think the bug report form was better before.

We’ve confirmed that this now works by default in Studio. Please check your settings if you’re still seeing this. Thanks!