Script Editor Themes Plugin

So at the time of attempting to post this I just released a new plug-in that allows you to change the theme of the script editor.

So from this:

To this something like this:

And yes, I was able to change themes with a click of a button!

The plugin is here.


Now the reason why I am posting a topic here is so if people have good themes / colors for the script editor, they can post them here, and I can add it to my plugin, but now instead of having to change each individual color one by one in the settings window in studio, you may now switch to your favorite theme / color(s) with a click of a button.

Now, I know that there is already a topic like this one here, but it hasn’t been updated in a while despite the fact that people are still posting about themes / colors the owner of the plug-in has’nt added added to his plug-in yet. I am planning to update this once a week, and add all the themes / colors that people request. :slight_smile:


I was planning on getting to it. I can send you my source if you want it or you can wait for me to update the current one.

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I don’t need any of your code, I can do everything myself. (Not trying to be rude)

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Sounds good, good luck! I’d be happy to help if need be.

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