Script Rates(/s) are spiking constantly in real-time servers

In-studio the rate’s stay low, but in a real server with players, the rate just keeps going up never going down. I’m not sure what the problem is and I need help.

I need a solution as soon as possible, the lag in the game just keeps increasing.

This is my first time dealing with a problem like this. Is this a sign of a memory leak?

Usually, memory leaks are caused by unused code that doesn’t get collected by the garbage collector and stays in memory. Here’s a good account on memory leaks. PSA: Connections can memory leak Instances!


Yes, I’ve read that post before but would my case be a memory leak where the rate increases without going back down?

The cause of the memory leak could vary, it can take time to find the problem in your code.


I’m having the same problem too. I’m sure this is just a visual bug, especially if you aren’t noticing any performance impact.

Link to the bug:

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