Script RunContext "Client" does not execute when becoming cloned in and parented

If you have a script that is located in ReplicatedStorage under a model, such as something that spins the model around, we can call this the “template”. Later you decide you want to spawn 10 of these in workspace, so you create 10 clones and parent them into the workspace. The scripts located under the models you just cloned do not get executed.

Expected behavior

Scripts located under other instances that become parented should execute, I noticed this specifically with the “Client” RunContext but I am not sure if it occurs for others.



Can you please provide the steps you took? I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue.


Both scripts were always in ReplicatedStorage.

  1. Run context Client cloning a script with run context Client. → success | Instances don’t exist globally.

  2. Run context Server cloning a script with run context Client → success | Instances exist globally.

  3. Run context Client cloning a script with run context Server → successful cloning only | Instances don’t exist globally, scripts don’t run, expected behavior. Server doesn’t perceive the change.

We weren’t able to reproduce this either. Could you also provide a video of this issue occurring?

Closing this as we need more information in order to investigate this issue. If you run into this issue anytime in the future, please file a new bug report following these guidelines: How to post a Bug Report - Bug Reports - Developer Forum | Roblox.