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I saw this one plugin where you can make a script template, it was really simple tho, so I made one my self!

What does it do?

It replaces the default print("Hello World") or local module = {} return module to something whatever you want!

How does it look like?





!This was for v.1.0 You don’t need this anymore!

Q: How do I now know import scripts(like Knit, ProfileService, …)

A: Unselect the templates for the type of the script and import the script!



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Yes ok I can’t tell what it is if you don’t explain it. What does it do?

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It replaces the default print("Hello World!") to something else like --// Test

Edit: I also added it to the original post (thanks for reminding!)

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I personally do not find a purpose for this plugin as it only saves up 1 second of coding, plus taking up time to install it. This would maybe be better for a studio essentials plugin than a separate plugin.


Nice, but someone already made this recently.


God Save The Queen


If you mean this: BetterScripts - Automatically replace the default 'print("Hello world!")' with something more useful!

This got me inspired to do this

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I do mean better scripts ……….so this will be able to send

Yes it would only save 1 second but I find it really annoying the write the simple stuff like

local ReplicatedStorage = game.ReplicatedStorage


You can now import scripts without unselecting the script type

You should add a FAQ. We need more Q/A.