Script that Turns Parts into Buildings

Hey DevForum! I was going through 2019 Cool Creations when I saw GregTame’s post on making a block into a building with scripts only. His example:


How would you go about writing a script to make parts into buildings?
All I could think of was having a loop go through a folder of parts.


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What specifically are you asking about? If you’re asking about how to iterate through all the parts, yeah you’d probably just put them in a folder.

If you’re asking about how to make it yourself, I suspect he has some prefab build (3 categories I guess, roof, middle, ground floor), then rotates and sizes them to fit the parts.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

I am asking how you would make the script that transforms a part based an size and shape into a building.

Hi buddy :)! I can see depth in the building’s structures so I honestly couldn’t tell you. Though, with the right textures provided, a low-poly building, and some UV wrapping, it could be done easily. Hope you figure it out.

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So this was accomplished fairly simply by placing tiles on the front face of the building block, and having it pick specific tiles for specific parts of the building.

First I define where the bottom corner tile would go

BaseTileCF = Base.CFrame*,Base.Size.y/2-TileSize/2,Base.Size.z*2)

then place tiles according the floor, and column

Floors,Columns  = Base.Size.y/TileSize,Base.Size.x/TileSize --I'm assuming you rounded the block to the nearest tilesize incriment earlier
local MasterTile = GetRandomTile() -- this function gets you a random tile, I'm going to assume that you know how to get a random item from a table
for Floor=1,Floors do
    for Column=1,Columns do
    TileCF = BaseTileCF**TileSize,(Floor-1)*TileSize,0)
    local Tile = MasterTile:Clone()
    Tile.CFrame = TileCF
    Tile.Parent = workspace -- this can be changed to however you want the parenting to work out

if you want to get very fancy, you can do

if Floor == 1 then
   Tile =  GetRandomFirstFloorTile()--Again, I'm assuming you know how to get a random item from a specific table
   Tile = MasterTile:Clone()

How you build the tiles is up to you, i made mine out of unions.

the roofs were just some code that made a roof shape on top given dimensions


Thanks for the detailed explination!

This answered all of my questions.

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no problem, if you have any other questions on it, just post them here or DM me

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