What are you working on currently? (2019)

Wow. That worked unusually well.


that’s awesome. some people read faster than others, and having to sit and wait for text to finish animating can be an annoyance, so giving this option makes everyone happy haha.

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Currently trying to make Sword FFA.



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So here we have a sasquatch, eating meat:

And here’s the same sasquatch, after their meal:

[insert image here]
scripted by


While everyone else here is working on big games/projects, i’m currently attempting to figure some more stuff out about scripting and developing, and trying to make functional games lol

Same. To be honest I don’t expect my game, Sword FFA to become that big any time soon. So I am basically doing the same expect i’m figuring stuff out about animating, C++, and Lua script.

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If you have to ask, it’s more than likely not okay. Consider adjusting the hand position, not so good.

I did not expect to see this in my feed and I don’t fully know how to feel about this.

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Well, you’ve got games like this one:

Would you think that if the animation was removed, and out of nowhere the poop just appeared it would be fine?

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Just because others do something, doesn’t make it right.

I’ll edit this post when I get over the fact I just saw this while scrolling and didnt expect it, nor was warned of the content, such as putting in a

Questionable content - Avatar poo

This text will be hidden

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Alright, I removed the gif and will try to work on an alternative method.

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You should add particles for when that object gets destroyed, so that there’s a smooth transition, instead of something vanishing into thin air.


Made a cool object highlighting effect for a side project


I’m going to throw in a guess at this, Viewport clone + in-workspace object is turned to neon?
or Dual viewport?

Yup! Viewport Frame + in workspace object turned to neon. Pretty simple effect but looks decent enough. There is some slight pixelation but there’s not much you can do about that


Its still a really awesome effect, nice find!

I think it turned out quite cool.
(You can push it to the side to see, what the customer is saying.)

Been working some more on Blox Classic and added some sweet liquid physics and particles!


Made a MP5SD


Now I can make such transitions (like between choose customer and Choose Action) easily!
Behind the Scenes:

A Charter Train (Class 67 + Mark 1 coaches) for my railway project set in the UK. Posting on behalf of my developers

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