Scripter - Builder - shirt designer - logo designer needed!

Ok, we sell some through our group. Ok?

Ok PM me, the portfolio, Payment (%) And why we should pick you

Ok PM me, the portfolio, Payment (%) And why we should pick you.

Interested in scripter position, portfolio will be sent in dms.

Discord: Dr. R. Cat#6515

Send it in forum PM, PM me, the portfolio, Payment (%) And why we should pick you

PM? You can pay me whatever do you want, I Enjoy my work. Why you should pick me? I’m available everyday, everytime, except if my family have plan to go to somewhere.

PM - private message. Go here and click private message (message) in a blue box. And you have most likely passed. Payment will be discussed
When you messaged me.

Ok I would like to hire you. 30%?

Hello, I can do the building for you. My discord is rene artois and my portfolio is accessible via my devforum profile. I hope I can work with you.

Okay. Please message me the % you would like. Must be 25% - 30%

We do not use discord here. Just saying.

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We will be starting in 2 days. And I will pay you same day for the shirts. Make sure to join group so I can rank you.


So you could start making the shirts today. And I’ll pay in 2 days.

I am interested in applying as an assistant scripter. I am willing to be do what needs to be done to help you I have 5+ months for Lua experience and 1+ years in Java. Here is my game I made if you wanna check it out.

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I’ll check it out now, and get back to you.

Alright, let’s do 2 scripters though since that will take the longest. I am willing to help.

Ok, the payment will be around 25% for you since your a Assistant and slow work. Ok?

Also another group I need a major Scripter in. MSCO mano county Scripter Builder Group Manager and shirt designer needed for a group with 153 members!

I would like 27% bc its my fav number

Oh and btw my main account is mpirc