Scripter & designer - 7 years of experience

About Me

Hi, I’m a scripter, UI designer & graphic designer. I am also able to act as a consultant in my fields, as well as a bit in design-related areas like building & game design.

I started learning to develop on Roblox in 2012, and since then I have become proficient in my skills. It’s been dream to make games ever since then, and although I haven’t completed anything successful, I have been given lots of time to make skills as best as they can be.

Notably I made the UI for Pyrolysis’s Zombieville, and have a few projects going on where I hope to show my full ability really nicely in the future.


Zombieville: Zombieville [EARLY ALPHA] - Roblox

Unfinished Sword Fighting Game: Sword Fighting - Roblox

Unfinished Roleplay Game: Roleplay - Roblox

Currently WIP Solaris RPG: Solaris RPG: Showcase Build - Roblox

I also wrote the following DevForum articles…

Created logos, icons and various other vector assets:





More examples of work


My timezone is NZST, so things may be a little weird, but generally that shouldn’t cause any issues. I am usually available on Friday and Saturday EST, from midday to midnight, and during nighttime on the remaining days (I have school).


You can contact me on:

  • Discord (EmeraldSlash#9138)
  • The DevForum

Discord is my preferred service due to it having quick communication speeds.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: