Scripter, GUI Designer And Builder Here! [FOR HIRE]


I Have Been A Dev For Around 3 Years Now I Can Do Decent Building And Ok Scripting, I Am Really Good At Gui Designing Though.


If You Wish To Contact Me Message Me On Roblox Or Contact Me Through The Dev Forum! Thanks

My Profile - TheEagleDev: Profile - Roblox

In my opinion, this post isn’t well-made for a portfolio.
Please follow along with this tutorial to enhance your portfolio. Nobody is going to hire you without pricing, work showcase, etc

I’m happy to retract this comment when the portfolio is fixed. Good luck!

Hi there,

this is not well written. People need to see some of your work and pricing. If you don’t show these there is no way anyone will hire you. You need to make your topics as detailed a possible and have examples so people can put your work into consideration.